Chapter 41: Olivia's Blessing
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 41: Olivia's Blessing

Under Alice's reluctant and sorrowful gaze, Rayne bid farewell to her and left Miss Alice.

Throughout his thousand rebirths, Rayne was the Prince of Haines and future Emperor.

Naturally, he had many dealings with the Queen of Leta.

The Elven Empress, the Emerald Moon Queen, Alice.

She and her country were once Rayne's strongest opponents in the mortal world.

She possessed four battle-hardened elven demigods and a large number of terrifying inheritances left behind by previous dynasties against the quasigods—that was not inclusive of the immense strength of the Emerald Moon Queen herself.

Hence, Leta became a strong foe that even the Haines Empire had to fight with all their might without daring to slack off.


The Emerald Moon Queen had a huge weakness as well.

It had something to do with her background.

The Emerald Moon Queen was not a traditional noble selected from the Leta palace.

She was an abandoned infant with noble blood that the demigods found at the borders of Leta after bypassing the palace.

Before the demigods found her, she was only an ordinary elven girl and even worked in a shameful place like a brothel.

Therefore, it was clear.

Before Empress Alice became the Emerald Moon Queen and ruled over Leta…

In her childhood, she was someone easily manipulated.

At the same time, she was extremely fragile.

For a long time, Rayne's strategy had always been to ask Constance to take him to the northern border.

Thereafter, he would bury this Emerald Moon Queen before she even got a chance to ascend.

After that, the demigods of Leta would still choose other Moon Queens.

However, from Rayne's perspective…

The other idiotic heirs were much weaker than Alice.

At most, they were at AI difficulty.

This time round, Rayne could have killed Alice like before.

However, he had already decided to change tactics in this final rebirth.

He had already started on his collaboration with Olivia and was even trying to curry favor with Hela.

Naturally, it was also acceptable to treat the Emerald Moon Queen tenderly.

Fighting and killing were way too cruel.

This time round, he would use love to enlighten this young Empress.

Therefore, Rayne brought Alice to submission through copulation.

After an extremely enjoyable night…

Rayne's results were gratifying and his strategy towards Alice advanced at lightning speed.

Indeed, seduction was ridiculously useful across the entire world.

In the thousand reincarnations, apart from obtaining massive amounts of information, Rayne had also learned many techniques.

Swordsmanship and spellcrafting were merely for fun.

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The one skill that Rayne truly loved with a passion and was willing to work hard to train through countless hours was... yes, if you knew, you knew.

After Rayne displayed his true capabilities, Alice was completely captivated by him and could not extricate herself.

At the same time, Rayne's lower back... could not take it eith

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