Chapter 42: The Strongest Demigod of the Elves
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 42: The Strongest Demigod of the Elves

After bidding farewell to Mr. Rayne, Alice sat on the bed dejectedly for a long time.

"Mr. Rayne…"

Finally, she hugged the blanket and sniffed the remnant scent of Mr. Rayne on it as her exhausted body slowly fell into slumber.

"Alice, wake up! Alice!"

After a long time, the soundly asleep Alice was awakened by her boss's voice.

Alice opened her sleepy eyes and saw her boss sweating profusely, calling her name with a trembling voice.

"Alice, wake up. An important figure… wants to see you…"

An important figure?

Alice asked vaguely, "Am I to serve a customer? But I'm so tired…"

"Alice, stop fooling around!"

The boss yanked Alice out of bed. "Hurry and wash your face and change your clothes! When you see that important figure later on, you have to be respectful! Answer all her questions without adding anything unnecessary! Do you understand?!"

After washing up briefly, Alice changed her clothes and walked out of the suite to the hall where guests were gathered.

However, the moment Alice entered the hall…

She who was so sleepy that she could not open her eyes a moment ago jolted awake instantly.

The hall today was unusually quiet.

Miss Alice, which was usually lively and loud, was dead silent today.

Although it was filled with customers, their heads were lowered and none of them dared to move or leave their seats.

In the entire dance hall, only one seat in the corner exuded an extremely strong sense of existence that almost felt like a threat!

Alice looked over blankly.

A stunning silver-haired beauty that resembled a goddess was chewing a piece of bread expressionlessly.

A piece of bread and a cup of water.

That was her lunch order.

The silver-haired beauty possessed a godlike charm. However, for some reason, she looked… extremely haggard.

Her purple eyes were a little cloudy and her lowered gaze was filled with fatigue—there was also a layer of darkness that could not be dispelled on her proud and independent figure.

The boss secretly pointed to the silver-haired woman. "That's the important figure. She wants to see you."

Alice walked forward and looked at the silver-haired woman. "May I know who you are…"

"Hello, Alice,"

The silver-haired woman spoke, "I'm the Great Teacher of White Light Courtyard, Elktela Lucia."

"G-Great Teacher?!"

When she heard that shocking name, Alice's heart nearly skipped a beat!

After the intense shock, she finally understood what was going on with the dead silence.

What appeared in front of Alice… was the strongest demigod who had once annihilated and assimilated a quasigod singlehandedly. In the darkest era of Leta, she singlehandedly maintained the elemental ley lines of Leta such that it did not deteriorate for a full ten years.

The legendary Great Teacher of the White Light Courtyard, Elktela Lucia!

In the entire Leta, the commoners might not know the name of the current regent, but they would definitely be familiar with the deeds of this Great Teacher.

"Great Teacher…"

Alice sa

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