Chapter 43: Princess of the Empire
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 43: Princess of the Empire

After leaving Miss Alice, Rayne and Hela did not delay any longer and set off for their destination at full speed.

North of the northern border was the vast Desolate Tundra.

As for the lair of the ancient dragon, Obadiah, it was said to be hidden in a crack in the abyss at the outer perimeter of the Desolate Tundra.

As they approached the Desolate Tundra…

Hela had sensed an aggressive pressure beforehand.

There was also a deep hostility towards outsiders in that tundra.

Hela looked into the distance—as long as they crossed another mountain range, they would reach the Desolate Tundra.

At the thought that she would be able to take the treasures of the ancient dragon for herself soon, she shuddered in excitement.

However, at the thought that she had to fight an ancient dragon one-on-one before that, Hela no longer looked forward to the treasures…

As warriors under the command of the legendary Creation Gods, the ancient dragons were a fully deserving superior race in the mortal world and their existence was infinitely close to a true god.

Among them, there was indeed an extremely hardworking dragon who managed to obtain complete divinity through hard work.

However, the Imperial Guards who were merely demigods were in fact much inferior to the ancient dragons in terms of class.

Of course, that was not absolute…

In Hela's impression, there were still a few special demigods who could defeat ancient dragons.

For example, Leta's Great Teacher of White Light.

Also, those two monsters in the Imperial Guards.

If Histia or Edaline were here, they would probably destroy ancient dragons with a single punch…

That was Hela's guess.

After all, their bloodlines were way too heaven-defying.

Her eldest sister, Histia, and the princess, Edaline, had broken the record for the purity of the Haines Empire's demigod bloodline. They were lauded as the greatest miracle in the Haines Empire in the past thousand years.

The two of them were the ultimate demigods with a bloodline purity above 90%—any higher and they would prac

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