Chapter 44.1: Dragon Princess, Obadiah (1)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 44.1: Dragon Princess, Obadiah (1)

After another two days of traveling, Rayne and Hela finally arrived at their final destination.

Not far away from the freezing tundra was a pitch-black crack that extended endlessly.

The length of the crack was unknown and its depth was even more difficult to explore.

[Blazing Sun Wall]

That was the name given to the gigantic crack by the Leta people.

That was because according to their legend, this was a high wall created in the ancient era. It was created by the Main God of the elves and extended in reverse of the tundra, defending them against the strange monsters that resided in the depths of the tundra.

Of course, all of that was before the elven gods were slaughtered and transformed into quasigods by the... Goddess of Order.

It laid in the middle of the Desolate Tundra, forming a clear boundary line that separated the depths of the tundra from the Leta Empire on the other end.

Along the way…

Rayne's eyes had a scarlet thread guiding him forward.

That was the navigator that Olivia set for him.

But now, the scarlet thread had come to an end.

Here, Rayne saw the corpses of a large number of divine beings. They were frozen by the blizzards and had died for a long time.

They were lifted by their own weapons and stabbed into the frozen ground.

The scene resembled tragic flags that swayed with the cold wind.

Most of the corpses… were demigods of various races.

On the other end of the Blazing Sun Wall was the depths of the tundra—there were also countless indescribable deformed corpses that piled into pitch-black mountains.

Their murderer was none other than the ancient existence that lived at the bottom of the high wall.

"Obadiah is down here,"

At this moment, Olivia's voice sounded. "This guy is busy shedding his skin right now. It's a good opportunity to get rid of him."

For this battle against Obadiah, Olivia was still very concerned.

On the one hand, Olivia was the princess of the ancient dragons. She had to deal with anyone who challenged her authority.

On the other hand…

She was extremely curious.

"Rayne Haines, do you really intend to deal with an ancient dragon with just that single Imperial Guard of yours?"

Rayne was extremely calm. "Of course."

"You still have a chance to accept my help now,"

Olivia reminded him, "Let's make it clear first. There will be a delay if I want to assist you after you enter Obadiah's territory."

As an otaku of the strongest ancient dragon race, just like his other fat otaku relatives, Obadiah set up powerful barrier spells around his lair to protect his meticulously built small home.

Even for Olivia, if she wanted to dispel full-powered barrier spells conjured by an ancient dragon through the distance between the Nether Realm and the mortal realm, it would take her a couple of seconds.

Search for the original.

However, a battle between demigods was ever-changing.

A few seconds was enough to determine the outcome of a battle.

Yet, this time round, Rayne rejected Ol

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Translator Notes

Putting up another small mass release because well, it's the start of the new year. Time to remind myself to work a bit harder on translating more chapters whenever I can and for everything else in my life too.

Hope you guys find the motivation to do things that you endeavor to as well! (:

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