Chapter 37: Empress of Leta
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 37: Empress of Leta

3,000,000 coins.

It was not much money for the prince of an Empire.

However, the main question was how he could fork out 3,000,000 coins in this foreign country.

Thankfully, Rayne brought Hela along with him for this trip.

Hela reached into her sleeves and a dimensional rift opened silently.

Thereafter, a fair hand reluctantly handed over the prostitution fee for her lover.

"I don't have any Leta coins in my savings. We're at the borders so I guess bartering should be a popular option,"

Hela took out a clay jar with a strange-looking worm in it.

"This is a treasure I found in the Emerald Plains. It's said that it can devour souls without killing anyone. However, I've tried a few times… but it doesn't seem like the case."

"This thing is worth 3,000,000 coins?"

Alice sized up the little worm in the jar curiously. Indeed, this little worm looked strange.

However, it should… shouldn't be worth 3,000,000 coins, right?

She was puzzled. "I'm sorry, customer. What is this exactly?"

Hela smiled. "It's the residue of a quasigod."


Alice's legs went limp and she nearly fell to the ground.


That was the number one nightmare of the elves.

When she knew that the worm in the jar was a part of a quasigod, Alice began to panic instinctively.

However, she composed herself before long.

Calm down…

No matter how dangerous the quasigods were, this item was already sealed properly by the two unidentified guests before her.

There shouldn't be any danger.

Furthermore, as a country that was invaded and attacked by quasigods all year round, the body component of a quasigod was indeed extremely useful in Leta and could be sold for a good price.

If this was truly the residue of a quasigod, these two customers would clearly be taking a loss by exchanging this for 3,000,000 coins.

However, it seemed like the black-haired customer despised this residue. She probably did not want this residue because its ability disappointed her.

Therefore, in other words…

Alice was truly bought.

She had never thought that

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