Chapter 36: Blood Descendant of the Moon Goddess
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 36: Blood Descendant of the Moon Goddess

There was no need for a bloodline appraisal or a family tree check.

The moment Hela saw Alice, she determined the latter's identity.

There was no doubt that she was a noble with divine blood flowing through her.

That was because her face was extremely similar to the final god of the elves, Compassion.

Of course.

The citizens of this small town would not know about this.

It was the same as the crystal statue of the goddess that stood in the Church of the royal family.

An image that could truly depict the true appearance of a god was a supreme treasure that was extremely rare in the world.

If the elven nobles from the capital saw Alice, they would be moved to tears for her existence.

However, if it was an ordinary elven commoner or outsider who saw Alice…

In that case... the only thing that would produce tears would be the bottom half of their bodies.

However, no matter what, Alice's impossibly beautiful body was enough to deal a blow to her sisters in the same trade in this remote town.

In order to make full use of Alice's body…

Not only did the owner of the brothel name the place after Alice, she even thought of an extremely talented cross-generation marketing strategy.

"Excuse me, what's your name?"

"Rayne? Oh, what a familiar name. I might have heard of you somewhere."

"What do you want, customer? Golly... why are you staring at me?"

Alice smiled. "Am I the one you want? Sorry, I'm not for sale."

With that, the girl pointed to the promotional poster in the shop.

In Miss Alice, the minimum starting price for services was 300 coins. The most expensive package that included the top girl of the place cost 9,000 coins.

In the capital, that amount would only be enough for the cheapest girl.

However, in a small town at the borders like this, it was considered top dollar.

Yet, as the walking signboard, Miss Alice was not among those price lists.

As she had said...

She was not for sale.

The owner of this brothel had set up a very mysterious system.

Lottery draw.

Anyone who spent 1,000 coins in t

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