Chapter 35: Descendant of the Moon Goddess
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 35: Descendant of the Moon Goddess

The lair of the ancient dragon, Obadiah, was located in the north of Leta's Desolate Tundra.

That was the most desolate and dangerous no man's land in Leta. However, at the same time…

It was also the most strategically safe area.

Quasigods that roamed the mortal world could invade Leta from any direction and massacre the elves.

However, that was not the case in the north.

That was because there was an ancient dragon lair there.

The so-called lair was definitely not an ancient ruin that would only attract scavengers—there was truly an ancient dragon occupying the lair.

The Dragon Princess candidate of the Desolate Tundra, Obadiah, would repel all intruders who dared to barge into the territory.

Against the threat of the ancient dragon, quasigods would generally not invade Leta from the north.

Leta knew very well that the ancient dragon had no interest in the ants that lived next door to his house. Therefore, in order to conserve their troops, they decided to leave the defense of the northern border to the dangerous Desolate Tundra.


It was also the reason why bandits roamed the northern border in the future, causing it to become a treacherous place.

Hela summoned a mount and traveled with Rayne.

After traveling till night, they arrived at a town. At this moment, Rayne suggested that they rest in the town for the time being.

Hela naturally had no objections to her boss's suggestion.

This was an extremely ordinary small town at the borders and not many people could even remember its name.

However, there was another name in this small town that was renowned throughout the entire northern border.

Here, there was the most famous brothel at the borders, Miss Alice.

After entering the small town, Rayne arrived at the famous attraction at the northern border of Leta without a second word.


Hela followed behind Rayne, feeling a little surprised.

Was the prince going to squander money here?

This was way too strange.

After all, the entrance of Rayne's house was the most famous gold squander

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