Chapter 34: The Most Artistic Race in the World
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 34: The Most Artistic Race in the World

Leta borders.

An extremely simple, crude and small mobile city crawled through the desolate ancient battlefield like an indescribably ugly building block pieced together by a stupid child.

This ugly creation was driven by 16 pairs of rusty mechanical limbs and eight large thrusters that were placed at the back of the machines in an insane manner.

It let out a deafening sound and charged forward recklessly, as though it could fall apart at any moment. At the same time, it scattered a trail of broken parts.

This mobile city belonged to an orc tribe.

There was a brilliant name for this mobile city.

Spring Breeze and First Love.

That's right.

The moment the leader of the orcs caught sight of this mobile city, he had already decided on this poetic and beautiful name for his beloved ship.

He expressed that this indescribable thing resembled his first love!

In other news...

The leader had never been in a relationship before.

As one of the most artistic and innovative races that were not recognized in this land, when the wandering orcs dug out this massive object that was riddled with holes around the lair of an ancient dragon in the frozen ground in the north of Leta, they worked on restarting it immediately—the result was a radical transformation that could proudly piss the engineers who designed it to death.

Thereafter, Spring Breeze and First Love became a reliable partner for the orcs to kill, rape and loot. Riding on this powerful mechanical beast, the orcs wreaked havoc at the desolate borders.

On the bridge, orc technicians were furiously attacking the control console, trying their best to maintain the operation of this chaotic and ugly trash.

More than half of the values on the instrument panel flared red and alarms rang wildly.

It can be hard to make great work when its stolen from

Yes, it was operating normally!

Suddenly, a young technician sitting in a corner received an abnormal communication.

After decrypting the communication, the young technician's expression changed.


The young technician shouted to the largest orc on the bridge, "The tribe that we've always been dealing with has just been destroyed!"


The leader of the orcs in tattered mithril armor had a burning gaze. "Who did it?!"

"I don't know!!"

That was the exact reason why the newcomer technician was flustered. "That tribe… they were blown up by something so strong that they disappeared instantly!"

The moment he said that, the entire bridge stirred.

The leader's eyes lit up.

It was understandable.

After all, that orc tribe in the north was not far away from them!

There was a chance that this powerful enemy that destroyed an orc base instantly might be right in front of them!

However, the good news was that the frozen ground in the north of Leta was not on the route of Spring Breeze and First Love. Although both parties were close, it was not a problem as long as they could avoid it in time!

But when the young tec

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