Chapter 33: Residents of Dimensional Worlds
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 33: Residents of Dimensional Worlds


That was the last land of the elves in the current mortal world.

The rampage of the quasigods forced the elves to use their magic to escape from the ground and hide in the clouds.

Leta was the last stronghold of the elves that remained on the ground to fight against the quasigods tenaciously. It symbolized the final glory of the elves.

Although it was still not as strong as the Haines Empire, this country that had fought against the quasigods for thousands of years could be considered well-versed in martial arts.

If they did not want to start a war, it would be best for Hela and Rayne not to use teleportation magic within Leta's territory.

Although it was convenient, it was precisely because it was too convenient that every capable country would desperately develop countermeasures against teleportation magic in order to guard against sneak attacks from the Imperial Guards.

Leta was naturally one of them.

As Leta also possessed a demigod who could use teleportation magic, they developed a spatial fluctuation detection formation system that could discover all teleportation magic within the borders instantly.

If Hela were to set the coordinates of the teleportation magic within the territory of Leta…

She would see a teleportation gate open up opposite her as well the moment she entered Leta.

Thereafter, the disgruntled face of the elf demigod would appear before her.

Thereafter, he would accuse humans of all sorts of evil while fighting Hela to the death.

Therefore, the plan Hela and Rayne chose was to teleport to the borders of Leta first before using conventional movement methods to head to the lair of the ancient dragon.

Borders of Leta.

In the desolate Gobi Desert, a pitch-black crack opened silently.

Rayne and Hela walked out of the dimensional rift.

In the blink of an eye, the scenery before Rayne had changed from a gorgeous palace to a barren wilderness.

Hela looked at Rayne with concern.

Using a mortal body to cross space was an extremely dangerous thing. Even with Hela's full protection, it would still bring about a huge physical burden for the prince.

However, Rayne looked calm and composed.

The pressure of traveling through space did not make him feel uncomfortable, as though… he was already used to it.

It seemed like it was as the prince had said—he was clearly experienced in teleportation.

However, hmm…

Wait a minute?

Suddenly, Hela noticed that after Rayne came out of the dimensional rift, there seemed to be something in his hands?

It was a shiny, bloated worm. Its mineralized body shone with a charming glow and a starry sky was reflected in its eyes.

Hela was starting to get nervous.

The name of this thing was Dimensional Parasite.

Those were the lowest-level gatherers in the dimensional rifts.

However, even these harmless little fellows in their world were terrifying nightmares once they arrived in the mortal world!

Instinctively, Hela retreated. "Your Highness! Be careful of the thing in your hand

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