Chapter 32: Curse of the Crystal Throne
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 32: Curse of the Crystal Throne

The woman who was sleeping peacefully was Rayne's mother, the Empress of the Haines Empire.

As the mother who gave birth to an Imperial Guard, the Empress possessed the most noble bloodline of the goddess in the entire Empire apart from the Imperial Guards.

Time had not left a mark on her after 20 years of rule. From her appearance alone, she could be considered as sisters with Constance.

Rayne had always had a good impression of his Queen Mother.

It was not only because she was the mother who raised Rayne.

More than that, it was out of Rayne's admiration for her.

Be it in terms of bloodline or ability, Rayne acknowledged her as a qualified Empress.

Under her lead, although the Haines Empire did not head for the next stage of prosperity, the development in the past dozens of years was stable and peaceful. She was gentle and restrained towards outsiders and maintained a benevolent administration from the beginning to the end.

The Imperial Guards got along well with her and were as close as sisters.

She was a loyal follower and had always been dutiful. In the place of her god, she used peaceful methods to maintain the order of the mortal world.


This Empress would die in less than two years.

What was about to kill the Empress was not the lung disease that was officially declared.

It was a curse.

It was a curse set up by hundreds of top-tier mages in the mortal world.

The dominance of the Haines Empire undoubtedly made it the public enemy of the entire mortal world.

Worship, reverence, fear, hatred… the name of Haines was imprinted in the hearts of all mortal civilizations with different colors.

There were countless people and groups that were hostile towards the Haines Empire.

As the benchmark of the Empire, the Empress of Haines attracted most of the malice.

In this high fantasy world, assassination through curses was extremely common. Naturally, the corresponding countermeasures had long been perfected.

That day, mages from all over the mortal world joined forces to cast a curse

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