Chapter 31: Visiting the Empress
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 31: Visiting the Empress

After knowing that she would benefit immensely by following Rayne, Hela's attitude changed instantly.

She held Rayne's hand, her eyes filled with sincerity and gentleness.

Miss Hela was an extremely dedicated person.

As long as there was money to be made, this cold-blooded and cruel demigod lady would similarly display shocking loyalty and passion after entering business mode.

Although the grand prince's gold was tempting, it was pathetic compared to the treasure of an ancient dragon.

At this moment, Hela looked at Rayne warmly—she had a clear goal in mind.

She was following this man!

Hela said, "However, Your Highness, I can't defeat the ancient dragon alone, alright?"

Rayne was extremely confident. "Don't worry, we'll definitely win if we go together."

"Yes, alright then!"

Hela felt that she was not a match for the ancient dragon.

However, Rayne seemed confident.

Since Rayne was going to join her on the battlefield, there should be no way he would set himself up, right?

Furthermore, the matter of hunting the ancient dragon was the result of the deal between Rayne and Evil Dragon Olivia. In that case, the evil dragon must have prepared a countermeasure for Prince Rayne to defeat the ancient dragon.

Yes, that should be the case.

Hela had already made up her mind and there was only a single problem.

"In that case, Your Esteemed Highness..."

Hela asked with a smile, "When do you intend to lead your dear subject into the fray?"

The answer was…


Rayne replied, "We'll set off immediately after I inform Her Majesty."

Hela agreed with a smile—she should head to the Church to make a report as well.

Of course, there was no way she was going to say that she was hunting an ancient dragon.

Therefore, both parties took action respectively. Furthermore, Hela told Rayne that he could summon her at any time after he was done.

After bidding farewell to Hela, Rayne headed to the Empress's chamber.

At this point, things progressed exactly as Rayne had planned.

Be it Hela or the grand prince, their rea

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