Chapter 30: Professional Order
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 30: Professional Order

Rayne's suggestion shocked Hela completely.

Hela was dumbfounded as she looked at Rayne without saying anything.

The elimination of the immortality of an ancient dragon made hunting an ancient dragon possible.

This was something unimaginable in the mortal world.

As an ancient and rare race, due to their long lifespans, every single ancient dragon occupied an extremely important position in their society.

The loss of every single ancient dragon would shock the entire race.

Coupled with the fact that they were protected by an incomparably powerful god…

The eventual outcome was that after Olivia advanced to become an evil god, she gave everyone in her race an immortal body with a wave of her hand.

As long as Olivia was not injured, the entire ancient dragon race would be able to share her eternal glory.

Of course, unruly idiots were the exception.

At that moment, Hela was shocked at the generosity of the evil dragon, Olivia, to be willing to sacrifice a comrade to strike a deal with Rayne.

She did not dare to imagine how big of a deal this lad had committed to the evil dragon...

However, as a beneficiary, Hela decided to ignore that.

Of course, what Hela did not know was that Rayne had practically taken advantage of the Ancient Dragon Princess for free.

When Rayne signed the contract with Olivia, one of the hidden benefits that he had expected was the chance to loot a few lairs of the ancient dragons.

And now, Rayne decided to use an ancient dragon's lair to upgrade Constance's equipment. At the same time, he would give the remaining trash to Hela to curry favor with her.

Rayne was not willing to let Constance complete the mission to suppress the ancient dragon.

Right now, the quality of Constance's equipment was poor. Furthermore, it was not yet time to unlock many of her cheats. As such, it would be difficult for her to deal with the ancient dragon.

However, Hela, this orthodox Imperial Guard, had been extorting and looting everywhere like a diligent bee ever since she took over the position. Event

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