Chapter 273.2: Cowper's Alluring Feeding (2)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 273.2: Cowper's Alluring Feeding (2)

"This is the first time Sharley has drunk this sort of fluid."

When Sharley heard that, she let out a shy cry.

Thereafter, Cowper looked at her Matriarch. "Sharley, don't blame His Highness Rayne either. He merely wants to help us…"

Cowper revealed a regretful expression.

"You should know that given the current situation of the vampires, there's no way we can provide for more True Ancestors. Right now, the goddess wants to kill us all. The only way is to awaken you. In order to awaken you, His Highness Rayne even signed a contract with the evil gods… You know that this is a serious crime in their country."

"Your Highness Rayne…"

Sharley looked at Rayne and smiled…

She had no negativity towards Rayne to begin with.

According to Cowper, using this method to feed Sharley was merely a whim of his.

The look of Rayne being embarrassed and helpless at the side seemed to confirm that explanation.


Cowper smiled slyly internally, fufu...

Whether this was really thought up on a whim or if it was a mission given to her by her master... it was hard to say.

However, there was no doubt that Cowper already understood.

For Rayne, the vampires were a group of monsters that were completely different from him and difficult to communicate and work with.

Therefore, in order to strengthen himself, Rayne wanted to eat Sharley...

The same way he ate Cowper.

Cowper had no objections to that.

She merely wanted the great Matriarch to fall at Rayne's feet.

In order to obtain more blood as a reward…

Cowper could do anything for Rayne❤.

Sharley saw that Rayne looked so awkward and ashamed that he could not look into her eyes. However, his expression of weakness poked into her heart as well, causing her to feel tender pity...

This child was even cuter than she had imagined.

Sharley smiled gently, her eyes filled with love. She comforted Rayne hurriedly, indicating that she did not care.

"It's fine, Your Highness Rayne. I don't mean to blame you. Vampires like us yearn for blood so much that we caused you to empty your blood and have to s

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