Chapter 273.1: Cowper's Alluring Feeding (1)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 273.1: Cowper's Alluring Feeding (1)

Just as Cowper had said, the remaining 12 True Ancestors gave Sharley, the original True Ancestor, the highest respect.

However, not all of them were willing to play house with her.

True Ancestors could not give birth or have children. This caused Sharley, who had an intense yearning for children, to have nowhere to vent her motherly love.


That was only Sharley's own problem.

Unlike Tyrapotter, True Ancestor Cowper's feelings for Sharley was only that of a superior and underling.

Naturally, Sharley doted on Cowper as well, just like how she loved all the True Ancestors and vampires.

Cowper was a rebellious child. She had an even stronger sense of pride and superiority than others.

She had her unshakable and elegant creed. In order to defend these, she could do many extreme things.

But now, the current her...

She had trampled on her past beliefs and crushed them ruthlessly.

She was actually following behind a human docilely with love.

There was no sadness or indignation from being humiliated.

Instead, she was filled with happiness.


She was in love as well?

Furthermore… she fell in love with the same person as Tyrapotter?

The corners of Sharley's mouth twitched as she looked at Tyrapotter at the side.

However, to her surprise, Sharley could not see jealousy in her daughter's eyes although someone had beaten her to her sweetheart.

Instead, she saw...

A gratified smile on her daughter's face.

Sister's body is filled with the scent of His Highness Rayne.

Even in her eyes, His Highness Rayne is the only one.

Since His Highness Rayne has taken Cowper in, it should be my turn next, right?!

No, wait. At the very least, I should be next in line after Mother!

Tyrapotter's eyes were filled with anticipation towards the future.

However, she did not notice her mother's convulsing gaze at the side at all...

These two naive fools she had raised for thousands of years; one of them had become a simp while the other was a tamed b*tch...

Sharley felt a little mentally exhausted.

Despite that, she could not feel any ne

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