Chapter 274: You… Smell Like That Child
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 274: You… Smell Like That Child

The goddess with the blazing sun on her back wielded a spear of light and looked down at the residue left behind by her traitor sister during her ascension.

As well as...

The reinforcement standing beside her.

Pseudogod Prosperity looked at Sharley. The identification unit in her eyes was connected to the mainframe and she began to search.

Unlike Hedwig who had a thick spiritual shell as a disguise…

Pseudogod Prosperity retrieved the corresponding information of Sharley from the database of the mainframe at a glance.

Immediately after, a scarlet light appeared in Pseudogod Prosperity's eyes as well as an alarm warning that someone with low authority was attempting to breach access.

[Data Deleted.]


Pseudogod Prosperity was a little surprised… Could there be any secrets on this high-level spiritual native species with a shockingly massive chest cushion?


It did not matter.

The mainframe indicated that there were extremely high authority secrets on the target.

However, it did not request for Prosperity not to kill her.

"The queen of the wolf pack, Hedwig."

Sharley supported Hedwig and handed over a silver-white crystal engraved with golden patterns with a smile.

"Please accept this."

It was a processed God Ascension Crystal personally forged in a sacrificial ritual by the highest bishop of Haines—Imperial Guard Beth.

Rayne took it from the offering table of the royal Church before heading out on this trip.

As long as he knew the combat style and abilities of Mechagod Prosperity and the situation of Eternal Night…

Rayne could easily guess that Hedwig would need additional magic power resources on this day and at this very moment.

The moment the God Ascension Crystal was handed over to Hedwig, this processed sacrificial weapon burst forth with light and contributed a sacrifice from mortals to the corresponding goddess.

Boundless magic power was injected into Hedwig's body.

The mighty power that belonged to the queen of the wolf pack gradually recovered. In fact, other powers were awakened for Hedwig.


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