Chapter 275: Imprisonment, Interrogation, Cruel Master and Abused Maid
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 275: Imprisonment, Interrogation, Cruel Master and Abused Maid

"Alright then…"

Rayne sighed. "But I believe that you'll regret it."

"I'll regret it?"

Even the cold mechagod was about to laugh at this ridiculous joke.

However, Rayne was not joking with her.

He was so stern, his gaze firm and filled with determination. His mood was almost cruelly emotionless.

He was serious.



"Prosperity, I have a way to defeat you. Furthermore, I'll definitely defeat you."

Rayne said deeply, "I can't defeat you in a dignified manner for the time being. A weak mortal like me has to use any means to defeat a god…"

Pseudogod Prosperity: "…?"

This barbarian had been pestering her for so long.

What was he trying to say?

Pseudogod Prosperity would find out about this soon.

That was because a live broadcast that could only be seen by Pseudogod Prosperity had begun.

After saying what he had to say, Rayne was ready to get down to business.

He was going to support Hedwig and Sharley and defeat Goddess Prosperity.

As that scene entered Pseudogod Prosperity's eyes…

Pseudogod Prosperity was stunned.

She was deeply shocked by the scene in the video…


This was originally an unnecessary emotion that should not have existed in the mind of the mechagod.

However, the corruption of the evil gods added extra emotions to Prosperity. Right now, she was shocked.

Apart from bringing unnecessary emotions to Prosperity, the corruption of the evil gods…

Gave her something else as well...


For this mechagod that had no need to reproduce at all, an abnormal desire for sex was developed.

That was rather terrible.

It was not morally bad. However, from a strategic point of view… letting the mechagod have personal preferences was undoubtedly a huge latent danger.

And now...

Pseudogod Prosperity was about to witness just now...


It was going to be!

As Rayne retreated and moved away from the camera…

Pseudogod Prosperity finally saw the panorama behind Rayne.

It was a dark basement.

Soundproof, sealed, sturdy and filled with a thematic scenery.

Here, Maid Prosperity's hands were bound b

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