Chapter 251: See It To the End
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Secular Immortal of the Nine Realms Chapter 251: See It To the End

“Moonchaser, since you have resolved the trouble surrounding the Qing Province Sword Sect, we’ll be taking our leave if there’s nothing else,” the Spirit Heaven Sect Master said with a smile.

The Flying Eagle Sect Master fearfully eyed Fang Chen. He was guarded against the latter.

“Ling Xu, I thought that you wouldn’t be bought over by the Qing Province Sword Sect given our relationship, but you have truly disappointed me today,” Abbess Moonchaser coldly uttered.

The Spirit Heaven Sect Master’s face crumbled. “Moonchaser, please don’t misunderstand us. We’re doing this so that the Moon Monastery can have a firm footing in Infernoblaze.

“The Qing Province Sword Sect Master is a mid Foundation Establishment cultivator. Even the South Heaven Sect’s Foundation Establishment cultivators have to treat him with respect. Your Moon Monastery will lose its footing in Infernoblaze if it offends the Qing Province Sword Sect.”

“Moonchaser, we only have good intentions in heart. You have misunderstood us,” the Flying Eagle Sect Master added

“What will you do if the Qing Province Sword Sect decides to deal with our Moon Monastery from this day onward?” Abbess Moonchaser said with an unreadable expression.

The two of them jolted. They knew that they might lose their lives here if they misspoke.

The Spirit Heaven Sect Master pondered about it before replying, “It goes without saying that we’ll stand with you given our close ties!”

“Indeed.” The Flying Eagle Sect Master nodded.

“Young master Fang, since you have gotten involved, why don’t you see it to the end? I’ll deal with the Spirit Heaven Sect Master. You settle the Flying Eagle Sect Master for me.”

The two of them jolted.

The Spirit Heaven Sect Master roared in anger, “Moonchaser, do our past ties mean nothing to you?!”

The Flying Eagle Sect Master dared not say a word anymore. He devoted his full attention to guarding against Fang Chen. Yao Dan was an example of what would happen if he let his guard down against a sword cultivator, even if for just a split instant.

“Past ties

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