Chapter 250: Kill Him It Is
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Secular Immortal of the Nine Realms Chapter 250: Kill Him It Is

Pinnacle Purple Lightning Talisman?

Abbess Clearlotus was taken aback. A pinnacle Purple Lightning Talisman was bound to harness destructive prowess incomparable to low-grade Purple Lightning Talismans.

Yao Dan and the others were taken aback too. Why is this person casually taking out a pinnacle Purple Lightning Talisman? That’s a priceless treasure! Where did he even get it from?

None of them had ever seen a true pinnacle Purple Lightning Talisman in Infernoblaze.

“Throw it at them?” Abbess Clearlotus was stunned.

“Yes, throw it at them. There’s no need to be afraid.” Fang Chen nodded with a smile.

The innocent Abbess Clearlotus activated the Purple Lightning Talisman with her spirit ki and tossed it at Yao Dan. Purple lightning burst forth from the talisman and enveloped the area.

“How dare you!”

Alarmed, Yao Dan quickly erected a spirit ki barrier to block the lightning.

Even so, Yao Dan’s spirit ki barrier was eroded by a huge degree. Judging by the prowess of the purple lightning, at least half of the Qing Province Sword Sect’s cultivators would have died if not for Yao Dan!

Only the twelfth stage Ki Refinement cultivators might have possibly survived the attack.

“Not even a pinnacle Purple Lightning Talisman can turn the tides today. Moonchaser, who’s that man?” the Spirit Heaven Sect Master asked with a frown.

Right as she said those words, a silver flash of light pierced through Yao Dan’s spirit ki barrier and weaved in and out of his body. Each strike caused blood to spurt from Yao Dan’s body.

Yao Dan stared at Fang Chen in disbelief as blood spewed from his mouth. In just a matter of moments, he had already been stabbed 36 times.

The Spirit Heaven Sect Master was stunned. The Flying Eagle Sect Master was flabbergasted.

Disbelief surfaced in Abbess Moonchaser’s eyes. She stared at Fang Chen in a daze.

“First elder!”

The cultivators of the Qing Province Sword Sect were horrified. They wanted to charge at Fang Chen, but they feared the flying sword that breached Yao Dan’s defense. All they could do was to

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