Chapter 252: Even Sect Locations Could Be Auctioned
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Secular Immortal of the Nine Realms Chapter 252: Even Sect Locations Could Be Auctioned

“Sects can be auctioned off?”

In the Moon Monastery, Fang Chen frowned in bewilderment after hearing a rather peculiar piece of news from Abbess Moonchaser.

“Sects are usually founded in places with spirit springs, spirit fields, or spirit veins. In any case, those are blessed lands, so naturally they have a value to them. Anything of value in the world of cultivation can be auctioned off,” Abbess Moonchaser explained. “Of course, you’d need to have the power to conquer the land and make others acknowledge it too.”

“You’re saying that the Spirit Heaven Sect and the Flying Eagle Sect can be traded for spirit materials?” Fang Chen asked contemplatively.

“Young master Fang, do you need more artifacts? Your flying sword appears to be a high-grade artifact,” Artifact Moonchaser asked.

“The more the merrier.” Fang Chen chuckled, not elaborating more on it. “How much do you think the Spirit Heaven Sect and the Flying Eagle Sect’s locations are worth?”

“The Spirit Heaven Sect has a small spirit spring that produces 500 grams of spirit water each day. Other than that, they also have a spirit field that spans around 300 meters square. That should be worth far more than 2000 low-grade ki stones, but such trades… tend to come with risks for the buyer, so the prices are suppressed,” Abbess Moonchaser said.

“As for the Flying Eagle Sect, they have a spirit vein that boosts the surrounding spirit ki concentration by 50% to 60%. It’s enough for a Foundation Establishment cultivator and a hundred Ki Refinement cultivators to use. That should be worth at least 2500 low-grade ki stones.”

Abbess Clearlotus widened her mouth, and shock flickered across her eyes. She hadn’t expected a sect’s location to be worth that many ki stones.

2000 and 2500 ki stones? How much is that?! She tried to make a comparison with whatever she could think of.

“Let’s not waste time. Shall we set out now, Abbess Moonchaser? Let’s split our earnings by half,” Fang Chen said.

“Ah… I’ll pass on it.” Abbess Moonchaser shook her head.

“Oh? Abbess Moonchaser, I do

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