Chapter 955 - Hundred Race Battlefield
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 955 - Hundred Race Battlefield

Eternal Realm, Shadowring Town:

As a long line of players from the human race and the Holy Race waited to enter Shadowring Town, a giant, five-headed avian exceeding a thousand meters in length landed outside the town. The five-headed avian was shrouded by dark-gray flames and radiated a powerful Divine Might, its arrival drawing many envious and astonished gazes.

A Five-Headed Death Bird!

This was a monster that usually only appeared in the dangerous parts of the Void Sea. Its Life Rating was superior to even that of ordinary dragons. Furthermore, even the weakest among them was a Level 230 Divine monster. Because of this, it was incredibly difficult to turn a Five-Headed Death Bird into a Flying Mount; no apex power had ever accomplished this feat.

"Who are these people? How did they turn a Five-Headed Death Bird into a Flying Mount?"

"Wait! Aren't those Crystallians?!"

"Crystallians? Why would Crystallian players appear here? Shouldn't they be active in the southern and eastern regions? Are they also planning to seize Shadowring Town?"

"Zero Wing sure is pitiful. It had finally gained a foothold in the Eternal Realm thanks to Shadowring Town. Yet, before it could relish the fruits of its labor, the Holy Race's various powers set their sights on the town. Now, even the Crystallian race has come to get a piece of the action."

The players waiting to enter Shadowring Town curiously discussed the Crystallian players that had jumped down from the Five-Headed Death Bird. They all assumed that these Crystallian players were here to seize the town from Zero Wing.


Amidst the bystanders' discussions, the Crystallian players approached Shi Feng and the Seven Luminaries Alliance members gathered outside the town's entrance.

"Guild Leader Black Flame, sorry for the long wait," Rin greeted Shi Feng as she walked up to him in her six-meter-tall frame. Then, she pointed at the team behind her and continued, "This is Ninth Street's Snow Wolf Legion, which will be coming along with us, while this person beside me is Commander

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