Chapter 956 - First-Generation Hero
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 956 - First-Generation Hero

TL Notes:
Made a change to Chapter 936:
Desert River's "stone cane" changed to "stone staff."

I have also changed Ink Crystal's "cane" to "vine staff."

Eternal Realm, Skeleton Hill:

After 200,000 Eternal Gold and 10,000,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal disappeared from Shi Feng's bag, the forested area shook, and countless lightning bolts emerged from the void to strike the land, shattering it. Immediately afterward, an ancient city comparable to the Crystal City of Secrets in majesty rose from the ground.

How can there be an archaic city here?! When Snow Wolf saw the ancient city emerging from the ground, his mouth fell wide open.

As the name suggested, archaic cities referred to cities that had existed in a distant era. Although these cities were typically discovered in a near-ruined state, they often held Legacies that did not exist in the modern era, making them incredibly valuable. Moreover, the older an archaic city was, the more valuable its Legacies were.

However, the old age of archaic cities made finding them incredibly difficult. Most would already be in ruins by the time they were discovered. Some might have even returned to the earth, never to be found. Although upper-ranking hegemonic powers could get lucky and find an archaic city after searching a Realm for several years, such occurrences were few and far between. Normally, only pseudo-apex powers and above could reliably locate archaic cities. Nonetheless, they'd need to spend years scouring dozens of Realms.

In the case of the archaic city before him, Snow Wolf could tell it was extraordinary at a glance. Although the city was in relatively good shape, hinting that it wasn't from a particularly distant era, it radiated Divine Might that resembled that of Primordial Gods. This meant that, contrary to its appearance, the city must have come from an extremely distant era. Furthermore, it should be superior to the average archaic city.

If not for them being bound by a God's Domain Contract, Snow Wolf would have attacked Shi Feng without hesitation.

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