Chapter 389 - Tier 6 Concentration
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 389 - Tier 6 Concentration

When Shi Feng saw no damage done to the illusory chain, surprise and consternation filled him.

In God's Domain, items constructed by the mind would more or less wear each other out when struck together. After all, mental objects were merely bodies of energy, and collision between two mental objects would result in both sides expending parts of their energy to mitigate the impact.

It was just that most players in God's Domain did not know how to mold their Concentration into weapons. Hence, most players were unable to do anything about Divine Might Seals.

However, so long as players could mold their Concentration into an object, it was only a matter of time before they could break a Divine Might Seal. They wouldn't even need to find the seal's mental nodes to break it. Of course, the process would naturally be faster if they could target the mental nodes.

Hence, the current situation confounded Shi Feng a little.

A collision between mental objects would have definitely resulted in a loss of mental energy to a certain extent. Could these chains not be made up of mental energy? Shi Feng wondered as he scrutinized the illusory metal spheres responsible for linking the illusory chains with one another.

Currently, there were over a thousand such metal spheres in his mental sea. Although all of these metal spheres looked to be mental nodes at first glance, only eight of them were actually responsible for holding up the foundation of the Divine Might Seal.

However, no matter how Shi Feng looked at these eight metal spheres, they were undoubtedly mental objects. In other words, so long as they were struck by a foreign mass of mental energy, they should lose some of their own mental energy. Yet, that did not seem to have happened…

Is it because my Concentration standard is lacking? Is that why these metal spheres can ignore my attack?

This was the only explanation Shi Feng could come up with after racking his mind. However, upon coming to this conclusion, he couldn't help but have a headache.

Currently, there was no doubt th

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