Chapter 390 - Shadow Incinerator
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So this is why nobody has managed to repair damaged Sacred Armor. This level of craftsmanship is far beyond modern players.

When Shi Feng saw the magic arrays and divine patterns engraved within the Sacred Armor, he had his knowledge of Sacred Armor renewed.

Although he had known about the existence of Sacred Armor during his previous life, he had never used one. Firstly, Epic Sacred Armor was of no use to him. Secondly, Fragmented Legendary Sacred Armor was incredibly rare, their rarity surpassed only by Divine Equipment. Even apex powers wouldn't have more than a few suits of Fragmented Legendary Sacred Armor in their possession, so non-apex powers would naturally have an even more difficult time getting their hands on a suit.

Meanwhile, after getting a close look at the magic arrays in the Sacred Armor, he finally understood what made Sacred Armor amazing.

There was a mana source hidden inside the Sacred Armor, and this mana source was incredibly volatile. The volatility of the mana was comparable to that of Primordial Gods. It definitely wasn't a mana source players could use under normal circumstances. However, the magic arrays and divine patterns in the Sacred Armor acted to restrain this mana source, effectively weakening it.

Moreover, the Sacred Armor itself was akin to a player's body, and it allowed players to integrate their consciousness with it. Meanwhile, what players needed to do after donning a suit of Sacred Armor was to synchronize their mana with the Sacred Armor's mana. Then, they could manipulate the volatile mana source within the Sacred Armor using the Sacred Armor's mana.

There were three layers of seals inside the Sacred Armor, and they functioned specifically to restrain the volatile mana source.

The better players were at controlling the Sacred Armor's mana, the more seals they could lift, and the more volatile mana they could use. By the time players had fully acclimatized themselves with the volatile mana and could remove all three seals, they could wield mana much stron

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