Chapter 391 - Great Sinner Black Flame
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 391 - Great Sinner Black Flame

All Ancient Gods will become hostile to me?

Shi Feng gasped when he saw the system notification.

Ancient Gods were the pinnacle of power in the Greater God's Domain. They were also the current rulers of the Greater God's Domain's Twelve Sanctuaries. After reaching Tier 6, if players wished to develop themselves further, they were bound to have dealings with these Ancient Gods sooner or later.

Normally, Tier 6 experts would have to go to great lengths just to gain a few Favorability points from an Ancient God. Yet, wielding the Shadow Incinerator would instantly cause the Ancient Gods' Favorability of him to plummet to negative 3,000 points, which was also the requirement for the Hostile status threshold.

At this abysmal Favorability, any Ancient God he encountered would almost certainly attack him without question. In other words, wielding the Shadow Incinerator would mean severing his path as a Tier 6 player.

Do I become its wielder?

Shi Feng hesitated as he looked at the carbonized sword before him.

Honestly, it no longer mattered whether the Shadow Incinerator before him was the real deal or an imitation. From the powerful Divine Might it previously radiated, there was no doubt it was a Divine Artifact-ranked weapon.

There weren't many chances to obtain a Divine Weapon in the Greater God's Domain. If he missed this chance, he might never come across another for the rest of his life.

Yet, becoming the Shadow Incinerator's wielder would also mean becoming enemies with the entire Greater God's Domain.

Although the myriad Ancient Gods would almost never show themselves in the Greater God's Domain, players who have reached the apex of the Greater God's Domain would know that the myriad Ancient Gods had never disappeared. On the contrary, they were the de facto owners of many historical ruins and NPC forces. They even controlled the resources necessary for players to become three-star mental strength grandmasters.

Without the Ancient Gods' resources, the difficulty for players to become three-star mental strength gran

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