Chapter 388 - Strongest Demigod
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Shadow Incinerator!

This was a name known by all throughout the Greater God's Domain during Shi Feng's previous life. Just hearing this name would give the various Realms a huge headache.

This was because the Shadow Incinerator had destroyed dozens of Realms in the Greater God's Domain!

Meanwhile, the Demigod who wielded the Shadow Incinerator to commit these atrocities was even labeled as the strongest Demigod in the Greater God's Domain.

Shouldn't the Shadow Incinerator be in the hands of the Crimson Wing?

Shi Feng was greatly confused as he looked at the carbonized sword hovering above the altar.

From what Shi Feng could remember, the Shadow Incinerator's wielder, Crimson Wing Ife, was never imprisoned by the Ancient Gods. There was no way the Ancient Gods could have imprisoned her, either.

One of the reasons Ife was labeled as the strongest Demigod was because she had slain a total of eight Ancient Gods with the help of the Shadow Incinerator. Out of these eight Ancient Gods, she had even slain two simultaneously.

Not to mention, in the current timeline, the Ancient Gods still did not have any reason to imprison Ife.

At this point in time, Ife should be nothing more than a newly-born Demigod in the Angel Sanctuary. She should have yet to become one of the Angel Sanctuary's Twelve Wings, a position awarded to the twelve strongest Demigods in the Angel Sanctuary. It would only be sometime later before Ife would win the title of Crimson Wing and become one of the Twelve Wings.

As for the Shadow Incinerator, Ife had always been its wielder as far as Shi Feng could remember. The weapon had never existed anywhere else before. He had even watched battle videos of Ife wielding it when competing for a spot among the Twelve Wings.

Could this be a fake?

Shi Feng carefully scrutinized the carbonized sword in the air. However, even after plenty of observation, he couldn't find any signs of the carbonized sword being a fake Shadow Incinerator.

Whether it was the carbonized sword's appearance or terrifying Divine Might, both were similar to what he saw and experienced in Ife's battle video. In fact, the carbonized sword before him felt stronger than the one in the battle video.

After Ife became the Strongest Demigod, the Shadow Incinerator instantly rose to fifth place in the Seven Luminaries Alliance's Divine Weapon List.

As for the top four Divine Weapons, they were only recorded in the Greater God's Domain's history and had never appeared in the modern era.

Meanwhile, according to the Seven Luminaries Alliance's description of the Shadow Incinerator, Ife could limit the mobility of Tier 6 players simply by unsheathing the weapon and releasing its Divine Might. The Shadow Incinerator's Divine Might was so powerful that even ordinary Tier 6 Gods would more or less be affected, and only existences at the caliber of Ancient Gods could ignore it.

However, even though the Shadow Incinerator before him was without a wielder, the Divine Might it naturally radiated was enough t

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Novel Notes

I will be changing all instances of "Ancient Gods" up to the Shadow Incinerator/World Passage arc into "Primordial Gods".
One example would be as follows:
Ancient God's Blood -> Primordial God's Blood
Ancient Abyssal God -> Primordial Abyssal God
It would seem that I have misintepreted the raws. There are three categories of Gods instead of just two:
1) Gods
2) Ancient Gods (presumably Gods that have existed since Era of Myriad Gods)
3) Primordial Gods (presumably Gods that have existed since the Era of Primordial Gods)
I will try to fix these errors in the side stories, but I might not catch everything. However, basically everything Ancient God-related you've seen up until the Shadow Incinerator/World Passage Arc should be Primordial God-related instead.
Fyi, the Ancient God that fought against Shi Feng in the World Passage is an Ancient God, not a Primordial God.
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