Chapter 387 - Fragmented Legendary Sacred Armor
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 387 - Fragmented Legendary Sacred Armor

"Is Paimon crazy? It's letting a mere core paragon use a suit of Fragmented Legendary Sacred Armor?" Apart from Shi Feng, Laura similarly revealed a surprised look when she saw the light-purple metal piece. "Even apex powers would only be willing to let core paragons with great contributions use their Fragmented Legendary Sacred Armor. Could Paimon be overflowing with Sacred Armor of this caliber?"

Sacred Armor was different from the average equipment. They usually came in complete sets and did not have any Attribute or Tier requirements. Players could equip Sacred Armor so long as their control over mana was sufficiently high.

Meanwhile, so long as players could don a suit of Sacred Armor, they would see a significant improvement in their control over mana.

In the Greater God's Domain, a suit of Epic-ranked Sacred Armor could sell for a whopping 100,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal, whereas a suit of Fragmented Legendary-ranked Sacred Armor couldn't even be found on the market. Fragmented Legendary Sacred Armor was so rare and precious that players and powers who owned a suit wouldn't even be willing to trade it for several pieces of Legendary Equipment.

After all, Sacred Armor were items passed down from the Greater God's Domain's ancient era, and there was no way to reproduce them in the modern era. Hence, every suit used was one less suit available in the Greater God's Domain.

It was also highly unlikely a used suit of Sacred Armor would be handed over to another player, especially not a Fragmented Legendary Sacred Armor. This was because Sacred Armor could grow with their wearers.

Apart from providing more Basic Attributes, a suit of Sacred Armor would also provide an increasingly greater improvement to mana control as their wearer leveled up. On top of that, not only would the suit of Sacred Armor eventually become fully compatible with its wearer, but it could also grow in rank. In the case of Fragmented Legendary Sacred Armor, it could ultimately grow into a Legendary Equipment Set, which was why nobod

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