Chapter 274 - Consecutive Falls
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This is Spatial Imprisonment! When Convict noticed the space surrounding him had become frozen solid and saw Shi Feng grabbing One Step's enlarged greatsword with one hand, his expression turned incredibly grave. World…Creation?

One Step was one of Divine Hunters' veteran paragons. Although he no longer had the Legendary Weapon and Equipment he used in the Greater God's Domain, he could still unleash tremendous strength when he went all out. Even at Tier 4, with the help of his Titan Bloodline and swordsmanship, he could hold his ground against Tier 5 monsters of the same level.

Tier 5 monsters!

These existences were leagues above Tier 4 Mythic monsters. They were moving disasters capable of single-handedly destroying an entire kingdom, and not even a force of several Tier 5 players would be enough to kill a Tier 5 monster. So, one could easily imagine how powerful One Step was after going all out to be able to hold his ground against a Tier 5 monster.

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that he was unrivaled among Tier 4 players when it came to frontal confrontations.

This was also why Divine Hunters had chosen to let One Step get promoted to Tier 4 first instead of Balrog Heart.

Previously, if anyone were to tell Convict that someone could receive One Step's all-out attack with their bare hands, he would definitely think that this person was high.

But now, such a scene had taken place before his very eyes…

In Convict's mind, the only thing that could allow a player to accomplish such an absurd feat was World Creation's Spatial Imprisonment ability.

However, World Creation logically shouldn't be something Tier 4 players could achieve. Even among Tier 5 players, World Creation was something that could only be achieved by paragons who had mastered mana to an incredibly high standard.

This was because World Creation was the act of subliming one's Mana Domain into a miniature world, transforming the space that one's mana covered into one's own world.

Meanwhile, within this world, be it space or mana, ever

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