Chapter 274 - Consecutive Falls
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This is Spatial Imprisonment! When Convict noticed the space surrounding him had become frozen solid and saw Shi Feng grabbing One Step's enlarged greatsword with one hand, his expression turned incredibly grave. World…Creation?

One Step was one of Divine Hunters' veteran paragons. Although he no longer had the Legendary Weapon and Equipment he used in the Greater God's Domain, he could still unleash tremendous strength when he went all out. Even at Tier 4, with the help of his Titan Bloodline and swordsmanship, he could hold his ground against Tier 5 monsters of the same level.

Tier 5 monsters!

These existences were leagues above Tier 4 Mythic monsters. They were moving disasters capable of single-handedly destroying an entire kingdom, and not even a force of several Tier 5 players would be enough to kill a Tier 5 monster. So, one could easily imagine how powerful One Step was after going all out to be able to hold his ground against a Tier 5 monster.

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that he was unrivaled among Tier 4 players when it came to frontal confrontations.

This was also why Divine Hunters had chosen to let One Step get promoted to Tier 4 first instead of Balrog Heart.

Previously, if anyone were to tell Convict that someone could receive One Step's all-out attack with their bare hands, he would definitely think that this person was high.

But now, such a scene had taken place before his very eyes…

In Convict's mind, the only thing that could allow a player to accomplish such an absurd feat was World Creation's Spatial Imprisonment ability.

However, World Creation logically shouldn't be something Tier 4 players could achieve. Even among Tier 5 players, World Creation was something that could only be achieved by paragons who had mastered mana to an incredibly high standard.

This was because World Creation was the act of subliming one's Mana Domain into a miniature world, transforming the space that one's mana covered into one's own world.

Meanwhile, within this world, be it space or mana, everything would be subjected to the caster's will.

An example would be the current situation. Even though Convict was surrounded by air, he felt as if he was trapped within a block of metal. The ambient mana that he could previously use to his favor had also become a poison that constantly tried to invade and erode his body. In this situation, he had no choice but to focus a significant portion of his own mana on defending against the invading mana. Otherwise, his body would get eroded and ruined in no time.

Meanwhile, when One Step saw Shi Feng looking at him with a smile, he subconsciously shuddered and hurriedly shouted to his two allies in the distance, "Convict, Melissa! Attack! Otherwise, none of us will leave here alive!"

Shi Feng's strength had completely exceeded their imaginations.

Any Tier 5 player capable of grasping World Creation would be invincible under Tier 6. Although Shi Feng was only at Tier 4 right now, One Step did not think, even for a moment, that he could face Shi Feng in a frontal confrontation. It was just like the current situation. So long as Shi Feng wanted to, he could suppress him with just a thought. Even his Berserk Skill would be rendered useless.

Currently, their only hope of escaping with their lives was to split Shi Feng's attention.

World Creation's Spatial Imprisonment was incredibly taxing to maintain. It might be fine if it was used against only one opponent, but against multiple players, a World Creation expert would have no choice but to weaken the Spatial Imprisonment they placed on each target. Otherwise, their mind would have trouble keeping up, and they would leave themself open to attacks.

Meanwhile, the average World Creation expert could only exhibit a thorough Spatial Imprisonment when going up against one opponent. If they wanted to suppress two or more targets, the power of their Spatial Imprisonment would grow weaker and weaker.

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Of course, even the natural suppression effect of World Creation wasn't something the average Tier 4 experts could resist. A Tier 4 expert would need to have Tier 5 combat power, at the very least, to fight normally.

Meanwhile, the scene of One Step calling for help stunned not only the various powers on the sea but also Melissa, who had already planned to conduct a rescue even before One Step's call for help.

Nobody thought that One Step, a representative of Divine Hunters, would ask Shadow Emperor Convict and Dark Banner Melissa for help.

It should be known that Divine Hunters and Morning Light were rivals. Previously, it was precisely because One Step worried that he would get backstabbed by Morning Light's duo that he had kept his guard up around the two and chose to clash with Shi Feng without their help.

Yet, now, One Step had seemingly stopped caring about this concern. He had even planned to execute a pincer attack with Convict and Melissa. Not even the top 10 experts on the God-ranked Expert List had received such treatment from One Step before.

"It seems we cannot hold back anymore." Convict took a deep breath when he saw that Shi Feng remained unscathed even until this moment. "Melissa, we'll attack together!"

"It seems that's our only option," Melissa said, sighing as she put away her flag with a pained expression. "I originally planned to save this for the God List's top 10 monsters. I never thought I would use it on an unknown expert. What a loss this is."

When Melissa finished speaking, a golden bone spear appeared in her hands. Immediately afterward, mana began congregating around Melissa, Shi Feng's Spatial Imprisonment having no effect on her whatsoever. Then, in the blink of an eye, an army of fully-armed NPCs appeared around Melissa.

Every one of these NPCs was at Level 125, Tier 4. These NPCs numbered a hundred, and they wore standardized equipment sets that joined together to form a complex battle array. Under the effects of this battle array, these Tier 4 NPCs became immune to the suppression of Shi Feng's World Creation.

While the army of Tier 4 NPCs was flying toward Shi Feng, Convict, wielding his two short swords, transformed into an untouchable shadow that appeared behind Shi Feng in the blink of an eye.

As for One Step, not willing to be overshadowed, put greater strength into his arms and shook away Shi Feng's hand that was holding onto his greatsword. Then, he promptly brandished his weapon and swung three black moons at Shi Feng. The power of the black moons was so great that not even Shi Feng's World Creation could influence them.

This scene caused the various powers' members watching from the sea's surface to gasp.

"So, these are Divine Hunters' and Morning Lights' apex combatants?"

The strength One Step, Convict, and Melissa were currently displaying greatly shocked even the various hegemonic powers' titled experts. Even an NPC City would crumble in the face of such might, let alone a single Tier 4 player.

"Interesting! I didn't think you three still had more cards to use!"

Shi Feng chuckled when he saw the trio before him increasing their strength even further. Then, without any foreshadowing, he abruptly executed a horizontal slash at his surroundings with the Winter of Eternal Night.

Third Sword, Holy Annihilation!

This was the final move of the Holy Annihilation Mana Technique. Usually, it wasn't a technique that could be used at Tier 4. However, under the strengthening effect of Godslayer, Shi Feng could use this move normally now.

At this moment, be it One Step, Convict, Melissa, or the spectating players down below, everyone felt as if time had stopped, none capable of moving their bodies. The only thing that remained in motion was Shi Feng's Winter of Eternal Night.

Subsequently, when Shi Feng's Winter of Eternal Night came into contact with One Step's three black moons, the black moons split apart as if they were made of paper. Then, Shi Feng's sword passed through One Step's gigantic body and Convict's incorporeal body. Meanwhile, all One Step and Convict could do was watch all this happen.

When Shi Feng completed his slash, time began moving normally again.

At the same time, Titan Sword One Step's and Shadow Emperor Convict's bodies split into two halves that fell into the sea down below…

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