Chapter 275 - Crying Sea City Shocked
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 275 - Crying Sea City Shocked

They're dead?

When One Step's and Convict's corpses fell into the sea, Melissa momentarily forgot to command her NPC army, the corners of her eyes trembling slightly as she looked at Shi Feng in horror.


Melissa, a veteran paragon of Morning Light and an existence standing at the top of the Greater God's Domain, was currently experiencing fear!

After all, how could she not be afraid? Strong as One Step and Convict were, the two of them together had fallen to just one slash from Shi Feng. For a moment, Melissa couldn't help but wonder if Shi Feng truly was just a Tier 4 player.

Before Melissa could recover from her shock, she saw Shi Feng collecting the items One Step and Convict dropped and appearing within 100 yards of her.

Despite a hundred Tier 4 NPCs guarding Melissa, Shi Feng behaved as if these NPCs did not exist as he calmly said to Melissa, "You're the only one left. You should reveal whatever cards you have left. I know this isn't all you have."

Melissa was different from the three experts he had just defeated. During his previous life, the other three experts' highest achievement was becoming titled experts.

Melissa, on the other hand, had been conferred the position of Grand Elder in the Seven Luminaries Alliance. Even her title at that time was different from her current title.

Immortal Queen!

This was Melissa's true title.

And the reason for this title was because not once had Melissa died an actual death in God's Domain.

When she heard Shi Feng's words, Melissa's fear instantly turned into surprise. Then, after taking a deep breath, she looked at Shi Feng and said, "You're a really terrifying person. You've never let your guard down in the slightest. You still have your full attention on me even until this very moment. Why?"

"Do you not think you are worthy of this attention?" Shi Feng replied with a question.

The number of people conferred with the position of Grand Elder in the Seven Luminaries Alliance did not even reach double digits. Every one of these existences was a monster among monste

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