Chapter 275 - Crying Sea City Shocked
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 275 - Crying Sea City Shocked

They're dead?

When One Step's and Convict's corpses fell into the sea, Melissa momentarily forgot to command her NPC army, the corners of her eyes trembling slightly as she looked at Shi Feng in horror.


Melissa, a veteran paragon of Morning Light and an existence standing at the top of the Greater God's Domain, was currently experiencing fear!

After all, how could she not be afraid? Strong as One Step and Convict were, the two of them together had fallen to just one slash from Shi Feng. For a moment, Melissa couldn't help but wonder if Shi Feng truly was just a Tier 4 player.

Before Melissa could recover from her shock, she saw Shi Feng collecting the items One Step and Convict dropped and appearing within 100 yards of her.

Despite a hundred Tier 4 NPCs guarding Melissa, Shi Feng behaved as if these NPCs did not exist as he calmly said to Melissa, "You're the only one left. You should reveal whatever cards you have left. I know this isn't all you have."

Melissa was different from the three experts he had just defeated. During his previous life, the other three experts' highest achievement was becoming titled experts.

Melissa, on the other hand, had been conferred the position of Grand Elder in the Seven Luminaries Alliance. Even her title at that time was different from her current title.

Immortal Queen!

This was Melissa's true title.

And the reason for this title was because not once had Melissa died an actual death in God's Domain.

When she heard Shi Feng's words, Melissa's fear instantly turned into surprise. Then, after taking a deep breath, she looked at Shi Feng and said, "You're a really terrifying person. You've never let your guard down in the slightest. You still have your full attention on me even until this very moment. Why?"

"Do you not think you are worthy of this attention?" Shi Feng

The number of people conferred with the position of Grand Elder in the Seven Luminaries Alliance did not even reach double digits. Every one of these existences was a monster among monsters, and not even apex powers would dare to offend them.

Although Melissa was only a titled expert currently and had even entered the Miniature Ancient World, her true strength definitely wasn't limited to what she had shown thus far. Otherwise, she couldn't have become Morning Light's Third Vice Guild Leader at such a young age.

If one were to compare the performances of Shadow Emperor Convict and Melissa during this battle, Convict would be in no way inferior to Melissa. Yet, Convict was only the commander of a trump card legion in Morning Light. It was also the case with Titan Sword One Step, his position in Divine Hunters being only that of a trump card legion's commander.

Hence, Melissa absolutely wasn't as simple as she portrayed herself.

"Although I don't know how you noticed it, I will be withdrawing for today," Melissa said after taking a deep breath. Before anyone realized it, a stone covered in divine runes had appeared in her hand. Then, she crushed the stone, which, in turn, caused her body to begin fading out of existence in front of everyone's eyes. "But do not think you can establish a foothold in Crying Sea City just because you've defeated the four of us! What you've done today is simply incite us even further! You have no idea what kind of existences you have offended!"

Shi Feng looked at Melissa's fading figure. Then, he faintly smiled and said, "We'll see about that."

He dared to challenge even apex powers during his previous life, let alone the current Divine Hunters and Morning Light.

After Melissa disappeared, it took a while for the various powers' experts down below to react.

"She fled?"

"She withdrew, just like that?"

When everyone looked at the vanishing NPC army, they felt like they were in a dream. They simply couldn't understand why Melissa had chosen to run away. After all, if Melissa chose to fight, she wasn't without a chance of killing Shi Feng.

It should be known that Melissa had an army of 100 Tier 4 NPCs at her command. Moreover, these NPCs were empowered by a battle array. Even if Shi Feng had the ability to kill One Step and Convict in a single move, his chances of winning against 100 Tier 4 NPCs wouldn't be very high. After all, NPCs weren't players. They had much more HP than players. They also possessed many more Tier 4 Skills and Spells than players. A force of 100 Tier 4 NPCs was enough to slay even Tier 5 monsters.

Facing the encirclement of 100 Tier 4 NPCs, even Shi Feng would need to kill Melissa as soon as possible. Otherwise, he would be whittled down and killed by the NPCs. In addition, Melissa was known to be invincible at sea. She would be a troublesome foe for anyone incapable of killing her instantly. So, the odds of winning should be evenly split between the two. It simply didn't make sense for Melissa to withdraw so soon.

Melissa is still as mysterious as always, Favra thought when she saw Melissa disappearing. Then, she looked at Shi Feng, a hint of curiosity appearing in her eyes as she wondered, Could Black Flame still have more strength hidden?

Favra would be lying if she said she wasn't shocked by Shi Feng's accomplishment. Shi Feng had faced four Tier 4 titled experts simultaneously. Yet, he had emerged victorious, killing three of his four opponents and scaring the last one into fleeing. Moreover, he had even killed two veteran paragons in a single move.

However, Favra understood Melissa very well. Melissa had always been an incredibly mysterious person. Nobody had ever seen Melissa dying before. She had survived even when she went against a Tier 6 God as a Tier 5 player in the Greater God's Domain.

Yet, even though her current opponent was only a Tier 4 player, Melissa had chosen to flee without putting up a fight. This was very uncharacteristic of Melissa.

The only explanation Favra could think of was that Melissa had noticed something that left her with no choice but to escape…

While the various powers were left puzzled by this outcome, Hidden Soul, Liu Wusheng, and the other members of Asura grew ecstatic over this situation.

"He won!"

"Guild Leader Black Flame is amazing! He killed three out of four of Divine Hunters' and Morning Lights' Tier 4 experts! This is going to be a huge loss for the two Guilds! With this, our mercenary alliance will have a real chance at securing Crying Sea City's Medium Shipyard!"

Previously, the Asura Mercenary Alliance could only barely survive in Crying Sea City. The mercenary alliance simply could not compete with the myriad worlds' superpowers, let alone the hegemonic powers.

However, now that Shi Feng had shown himself strong enough to win against four of Divine Hunters' and Morning Lights' Tier 4 experts, the Asura Mercenary Alliance would likely secure an administrative spot in Crying Sea City's Medium Shipyard. Then, with the Advanced Ships that could be created through the Medium Shipyard, Asura could quickly make up for its lack of capable experts out at sea.

Moreover, with the Primordial Tower's training effect, the Asura Mercenary Alliance would definitely grow stronger as a whole as time passed. Combined with the Medium Shipyard, it would only be a matter of time before Asura became a hegemonic power in the Miniature Ancient World. This was something not even the Five Great Super Guilds would dare to dream of accomplishing.

News of Divine Hunters and Morning Light's encirclement failing quickly spread throughout Crying Sea City and caused an uproar. Nobody thought the city's top two Guilds would be hiding Tier 4 experts. Even more surprising was that these four Tier 4 titled experts had suffered a miserable defeat at the hands of an expert hardly anybody knew about.

In no time, the name of Black Flame became known by everyone in Crying Sea City. The myriad worlds' various powers began frantically looking into Black Flame's identity to try and understand his past. Not even Zero Wing was spared from their investigations.

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While the myriad worlds' powers were investigating Black Flame and Zero Wing...

On a large floating island in the real world, an impromptu meeting was being held in the top-floor conference room of the Green God Corporation's main headquarters.

At this time, a young beauty looking to be in her early twenties cautiously looked toward the young woman sitting at the head of the conference table and said, "Vice President, according to our latest information, Zero Wing's Black Flame has killed three of Divine Hunters' and Morning Lights' Tier 4 titled experts, and it is very likely that the Asura Mercenary Alliance will secure a spot in Crying Sea City's Medium Shipyard in the future."

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