Chapter 273 - Horror
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Three! He used three Saint Mana Techniques in a row! Is he a monster?!

Melissa, desperately defending herself against the three frost swords attacking her, couldn't believe what she had just seen.

She was a magical class player who had perfectly mastered ten Mana Techniques, so she had a great understanding of Mana Techniques.

Even an Advanced Mana Technique would put a significant toll on a Tier 4 player's Concentration, let alone a Saint Mana Technique. If a Tier 4 player were to use a Saint Mana Technique, not only would they deplete a significant portion of their Concentration, but they would also fall into a fatigued state for a short time. In this fatigued state, even focusing their mind would be a difficult task, let alone executing two more Saint-ranked Mana Techniques consecutively…

"The information we got is completely wrong!"

One Step's eyes twitched when he saw Florence's vanishing corpse.

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According to their intelligence report, Black Flame should only be an ordinary fourth-floor expert. The only reason he managed to kill Balrog Heart was that he had gotten promoted to Tier 4. However, the strength Shi Feng had just displayed was not something an ordinary fourth-floor expert could have. Shi Feng was practically a monster!

Even One Step doubted he could survive the three consecutive attacks Shi Feng had used against Florence.

It should be known that Florence would gain HP and Defense, surpassing even MTs of the same tier when he went into his golden lion form. After activating his Tier 4 Lifesaving Skill, his HP would instantly exceed ten million. Even if he simply stood still and did nothing, a Berserker of the same tier would need some time to kill him.

Although One Step was a Berserker, he was only superior to Florence when it came to Strength and speed. When it came to taking damage, he was nowhere near as durable as Florence.

"That's one down." After collecting the loot Florence dropped, Shi Feng turned his gaze to One Step and Convict, saying, "You two are next."

As a Saint Mana Technique, Holy Devour indeed cost a lot of Concentration to use. However, after Shi Feng became a Tier 4 Sword Law Saint, his Concentration underwent a qualitative transformation. Now, his Concentration neared the Tier 5 standard already. Hence, he could use Holy Devour multiple times in a row. Moreover, three times wasn't his limit yet.

According to his estimates, he should only reach his limit after executing five Holy Devours consecutively.

"Do you think you still have a chance to kill us?" One Step said after taking a deep breath, his voice still as confident as before. "We've seen your trump card already, but you still don't know what our trump cards are. However, we do not wish to use our trump cards for no reason. Since you've killed Florence already, how about we leave it at that?"

"I agree," Convict said in conjunction. "We've already seen your strength, Guild Leader Black Flame. You won't be able to kill us even if you try, so we should just stop for today. If we fight, we will only be giving the other powers an advantage."

Shi Feng's ability to execute three Saint Mana Techniques consecutively was indeed astonishing. However, Shi Feng could only kill them under the precondition that they didn't know about this ability.

Now that they knew what to expect of Shi Feng, it would become extremely difficult for Shi Feng to kill them. After all, they had their own trump cards. It was just that they didn't wish to use these trump cards. However, so long as they used their trump cards, Shi Feng could do nothing against them. On the contrary, they might even have a chance of killing Shi Feng.

However, they prepared to use these trump cards for the Medium Shipyard competition later. If they used them now, the other hegemonic powers would definitely come up with a counter.

"How funny. You were the ones who attacked me first, yet you are saying that we should stop fighting now?" Shi Feng laughed. "Do you think I'm some kind of pushover?"

"Don't go too far, Black Flame! You might be strong, but you're not invincible!" One Step coldly said. "If we disregard all costs and attack you, you won't be getting away easily! It'll also be impossible for you to kill us!"

"Let me see what kind of ability you people have, then!" Shi Feng said, chuckling before manipulating his frost swords to attack once more.

With Florence out of the way, One Step and Convict had to face three frost swords simultaneously. A Sword's Orbit executed by three frost swords simply wasn't something the two could defend against, so their HP quickly fell.

One Step's and Convict's HP fell below the 30% mark in less than five seconds. Even a Master Regeneration Potion wasn't enough to help them mitigate the incoming damage.

Eventually, One Step took a deep breath and signaled Convict with his eyes. Then, he glared at Shi Feng and bellowed, "Black Flame! You forced our hand!"

As soon as One Step finished speaking, his body suddenly expanded into a 10-meter-tall giant, and a demonic glow enveloped his body. In addition, the aura he exuded was so powerful that it had started to destabilize the space around him.

Tier 4 Legacy Skill, Titan Awakening!

All Basic Attributes increased by 200%!

"Since you've made me use this move, don't even think of leaving this place alive today!"

Immediately, One Step brandished his greatsword, which had similarly been enlarged to have a 10-meter-long blade, knocking away all six frost swords over a hundred yards away with just two sword lights. Then, he appeared within 100 yards of Shi Feng and sent over a dozen sword lights flying at Shi Feng, thoroughly sealing all of Shi Feng's escape routes.

As for Convict, he quietly observed the exchange. His plan was to fight a battle of attrition with Shi Feng, so he decided to let One Step attack Shi Feng without him for now. If One Step could finish Shi Feng off, great. If not, he would strike when Shi Feng was exhausted.

"Is this all you have?"

Shi Feng couldn't help but chuckle when he saw the sword lights attacking him and sealing his escape routes. Then, the Winter of Eternal Night he wielded suddenly transformed into a stream of energy that flowed into his body.


Immediately, Shi Feng's Mana and Concentration increased to an unprecedented height. At the same time, his naturally-formed Mana Domain also transformed, and a miniature world began to expand with him at the center.


As soon as Shi Feng spoke, the sword lights approaching him abruptly stopped, and the energy used to compose them vanished without a trace.

In addition, before anyone realized it, Shi Feng had already appeared in front of One Step and grabbed the blade of One Step's greatsword with his right hand. Not only did the greatsword lose all of its ability to move, but it didn't even manage to reduce Shi Feng's HP by one point.

For a time, both One Step and Convict were stupefied. At the same time, a look of horror also gradually appeared on their faces.

"W-World Creation! I-Impossible!"

Melissa, still busy defending herself against Shi Feng's frost swords, uttered these words under her breath in shock and disbelief.

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