Chapter 270 - One Slash Outside The City
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 270 - One Slash Outside The City

Shortly after Divine Hunters' and Morning Light's Tier 4 experts appeared, chaos ensued among the massive fleet of Advanced Ships gathered beneath them.

"Dammit! Dammit! Now that Divine Hunters and Morning Light have taken action simultaneously, our chances of recruiting him are gone!"

"Judging by the auras those four are radiating, they've definitely reached Tier 4 already. I really did not think Divine Hunters and Morning Light had hidden so much of their strength. It seems we have truly underestimated them."

"I heard that the city's Medium Shipyard only has two administrative slots. How are we supposed to compete with those two Guilds now?"

The various powers making up the massive fleet of Advanced Ships were greatly shocked when they saw Divine Hunters and Morning Light dispatching a total of four Tier 4 experts. None of them thought that Divine Hunters and Morning Light had hidden so much of their strength.

While the various powers were making a fuss over Divine Hunters' and Morning Light's show of power, a noble-looking lady with long cyan hair and a pair of silver eyes was sipping tea as she observed this situation. Then, she looked toward the Demidragon woman next to her and smiled, saying, "It seems our trip this time wasn't a waste, after all, Maria. Divine Hunters and Morning Light have hidden a lot more strength than what was mentioned in the reports. But it seems they've decided to go big to deal with Black Flame. Moreover, they've even sent One Step and Melissa out of all people. It's not every day you get to see such a grand occasion."

"You're still in the mood for jokes, Aunty? Your niece has already wagered all of her resources into Abyssal Star City! If Zero Wing suffers a massive setback here, it'll definitely affect Abyssal Star City!" Maria, who was clad in silver armor, complained. "Are you just going to watch as your cute and obedient little niece suffers?"

When an ordinary expert killed a player, the player in question would typically only lose one level.

However, experts of One Step and Melissa's caliber could inflict heavy damage to the souls of the players they killed. They could accomplish this even if they were only at Tier 4 right now. Meanwhile, not only would the players they kill lose several levels, but these players would also have their souls remain weakened for around half a month. During this period, they'd be utterly useless in combat.

They were currently at the crucial exploration phase of the Two Worlds Sea. Being rendered useless for half a month was a fate worse than death. It was especially true for a Tier 4 player.

"It's his fault for not keeping a low profile. He shouldn't have killed Balrog Heart in just one move. Balrog Heart's strength is already the ceiling for Tier 3 players. There are only two types of people who can possibly kill him with one move. The first type would be the God List's top 10 monsters or someone of their standards, while the second type would be Tier 4 experts. Experts of those top 10 monsters' caliber are exceedingly rare, and you'd be hard-pressed to find even one such expert in an Elementary God's Domain. So, the only logical explanation would be that Black Flame has reached Tier 4," Favra said before pausing to take a sip of tea. Then, she continued:

"Currently, even one Tier 4 player is enough to affect a naval city's status quo. Divine Hunters and Morning Light naturally won't sit by and watch another power rising up to match them. Had Black Flame spent some time killing Balrog Heart, Divine Hunters and Morning Light might have made a response, but they would have never mobilized One Step and Melissa. Even the God List's top 10 monsters will have trouble escaping from such a line-up."

"Can't you help him, Aunty?" Maria asked as she looked at Favra hopefully and anxiously.

"Not now," Favra said, shaking her head. Then, she looked up at the sky and continued, "As a fourth-floor expert, Black Flame can definitely hold his ground for some time. He'll have a greater chance of escaping if I act when they are busy fighting."

Maria felt relieved when she heard Favra's answer.

Titan Sword One Step and Dark Banner Melissa were paragons of an older generation. However, her Aunt Favra was also a paragon of the same generation. Moreover, her Aunt Favra had achieved massive improvements in recent years. It was just that her Aunt Favra mainly operated solo, so few people actually knew about her true strength. At this point, her Aunt Favra should be just as strong as the God-ranked Expert List's top 10 monsters.

Although her Aunt Favra would not be able to defeat the joint force of One Step, Melissa, and two other Tier 4 experts, she should have no trouble helping Black Flame escape.

While Maria and Favra were talking, the atmosphere in the sky suddenly changed, and many people on the sea subconsciously shuddered.

"You refuse?" One Step's arrogant expression instantly turned cold, the runes on his Epic Armor suddenly glowing and causing the surrounding space to tremble. "You impertinent brat. It seems you are tired of living!"[1]

As soon as One Step finished speaking, the pitch-black greatsword on his back disappeared and reappeared above Shi Feng's head. One Step had drawn his weapon and executed his attack so swiftly that the spectators below could only see a black flash appearing briefly in the sky. Moreover, One Step's attack was incredibly discrete, not creating any sound or spatial fluctuations throughout the entire process. Yet, his attack carried enough power to compress the space around Shi Feng, making it difficult for Shi Feng to move his body.

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Meanwhile, in response to this sudden attack, Shi Feng drew his sword to block it.

What an interesting kid. It's a pity his career is over after this, Melissa thought. When she saw the attack One Step executed, she got ready to turn around and leave, not planning to waste any more time here.

It might seem like One Flash had only executed one slash, but he had, in fact, executed multiple slashes. It was just that these slashes had combined to create the illusion of an arc of light that descended toward Shi Feng.

Black Moon!

It was an Advanced Silver Combat Technique, and it was also One Step's trademark move. When combined with his Fragmented Legendary Greatsword, he could heavily injure even a Superior Mythic monster of the same level. Even a Tier 4 MT would die on the spot if they tried to receive this attack without activating any Lifesaving Skills, much less a Tier 4 Swordsman. So, when Melissa saw Shi Feng trying to block One Step's attack, she could already foresee what would happen.


A loud explosion shook the battlefield, the intense shockwaves causing the sky to shatter.

However, contrary to everyone's expectations, two figures appeared in their sight as the world rapidly worked to mend the shattered sky. Both figures remained standing proudly amidst the sky of spatial fissures.

He didn't die?

Melissa and the other spectators were greatly confused when they saw Shi Feng alive and healthy. Unlike what they expected, not only did Shi Feng not die, but he didn't even receive any damage from blocking One Step's attack.

However, compared to Melissa and the others, One Step felt an even greater shock. This was because when his greatsword clashed with Shi Feng's longsword, he felt as if he had struck an impenetrable wall. His arms had even gone numb from the reactionary force.

Did he use an Invulnerability Skill?

This was the first thought that came to One Step's mind. However, he quickly denied this thought. Invulnerability Skills only prevented players from taking damage. It wouldn't mitigate the force of an impact, much less turn players into an impenetrable wall. If Shi Feng didn't have enough strength to block his attack, he would still be sent flying, even if he used an Invulnerability Skill.

However, before One Step could figure out what had happened, Shi Feng leisurely said, "Since you've made your move, it's my turn now!"

TL Notes:

[1]"You refuse?":

Fyi, there is no missing translation before this part. The raws never described Shi Feng refusing, so the refusal must have happened while the story's perspective was changed to Maria and Favra.

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