Chapter 271 - Twilight of the Gods
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 271 - Twilight of the Gods

"You're strong, kid, I'll give you that. But do you think this is over?"

One Step might have felt surprised when he saw Shi Feng blocking his attack without using an Invulnerability Skill, but his calm expression remained unfazed.

Before One Step had even finished his words, a figure suddenly appeared behind Shi Feng. This figure belonged to none other than Hundred Beast Florence, a hulking man over two meters tall and clad in beast leather.

At this time, Florence's eyes had turned blood red, and the phantom of a 50-meter-tall golden lion had formed around him. The aura the golden lion radiated was stronger than the aura of Level 122 Superior Mythic monsters.

Immediately afterward, the golden lion swung its claws at Shi Feng, the razor-sharp appendages the size of houses. The claws were so large that they covered even One Step in their attack range.


The instant One Step had made his move against Shi Feng, Florence had also gone into action. So, even if One Step's attack failed to kill Shi Feng, Florence would finish the job.

However, before Florence's attack could connect, a black-clad figure suddenly appeared on Shi Feng's other side. Then, the crimson short sword this black-clad figure wielded transformed into several dozen streaks of crimson light that struck Shi Feng from his blind spots.

"Convict! Mind your own damn business!" Florence cursed when he saw the black-clad figure.

The timing and angle of Shadow Emperor Convict's attacks were perfectly on point. He chose to attack the moment Shi Feng had lifted his head to look at Florence's golden lion.

A sneak attack of such caliber was something even One Step would fail to react to should he be the target.

However, before Florence's cursing could even reach Convict's ears, the Shadow Emperor coldly said, "Nobody is allowed to live after refusing Morning Light."


This was Convict's ultimate move. The 41 strikes Convict executed with this combat technique were like laser beams, their speed exceeding the speed of sound and the limit of a Tier 4 p

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