Chapter 271 - Twilight of the Gods
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 271 - Twilight of the Gods

"You're strong, kid, I'll give you that. But do you think this is over?"

One Step might have felt surprised when he saw Shi Feng blocking his attack without using an Invulnerability Skill, but his calm expression remained unfazed.

Before One Step had even finished his words, a figure suddenly appeared behind Shi Feng. This figure belonged to none other than Hundred Beast Florence, a hulking man over two meters tall and clad in beast leather.

At this time, Florence's eyes had turned blood red, and the phantom of a 50-meter-tall golden lion had formed around him. The aura the golden lion radiated was stronger than the aura of Level 122 Superior Mythic monsters.

Immediately afterward, the golden lion swung its claws at Shi Feng, the razor-sharp appendages the size of houses. The claws were so large that they covered even One Step in their attack range.


The instant One Step had made his move against Shi Feng, Florence had also gone into action. So, even if One Step's attack failed to kill Shi Feng, Florence would finish the job.

However, before Florence's attack could connect, a black-clad figure suddenly appeared on Shi Feng's other side. Then, the crimson short sword this black-clad figure wielded transformed into several dozen streaks of crimson light that struck Shi Feng from his blind spots.

"Convict! Mind your own damn business!" Florence cursed when he saw the black-clad figure.

The timing and angle of Shadow Emperor Convict's attacks were perfectly on point. He chose to attack the moment Shi Feng had lifted his head to look at Florence's golden lion.

A sneak attack of such caliber was something even One Step would fail to react to should he be the target.

However, before Florence's cursing could even reach Convict's ears, the Shadow Emperor coldly said, "Nobody is allowed to live after refusing Morning Light."


This was Convict's ultimate move. The 41 strikes Convict executed with this combat technique were like laser beams, their speed exceeding the speed of sound and the limit of a Tier 4 player's reaction speed. Only someone like Convict, gifted with extraordinary nervous reactions, could execute such a move.

Just when the 41 sword lights and the golden lion's gigantic claws were about to land on Shi Feng, a second sword suddenly appeared in Shi Feng's left hand.


After letting out a low shout, Shi Feng brandished his two swords and shrouded himself in a galaxy of stars. Whether it was the golden lion's claws or the crimson sword lights, both had their advance halted when they came into contact with these stars.

Unlike the previous clash between One Step and Shi Feng, the clash of attacks this time generated hardly any shockwaves. Instead, only the sound of metal ringing could be heard echoing continuously across the sky.

When Florence and Convict eventually concluded their attacks, their expressions turned solemn.

An uproar also occurred among the various powers underneath when they saw the outcome of this exchange.

After all, Shi Feng had successfully held his ground against Hundred Beast Florence and Shadow Emperor Convict simultaneously. Such an accomplishment was enough to put him into the top 10 ranks of the God-ranked Expert List.

Who is this kid?! How did he manage to deflect all of my attacks?! Convict's eyes no longer contained his previous coldness when he looked at Shi Feng. Instead, taking its place was a trace of fear.

Ever since he had risen to fame, Convict rarely met anyone who could match him in Attack Speed at the same tier. This was the case even among titled experts. Yet, Shi Feng had not only matched his Attack Speed but also deflected all of his attacks. This was a situation he had never encountered before.

"I'm afraid the four of us will have to work together to take down this kid," Florence said, a grim look on his face.

From an outsider's perspective, it might seem like Shi Feng had fought the two of them to a standstill. However, as someone who had clashed with Shi Feng, Florence could tell that none of his attacks had managed to threaten Shi Feng.

This situation was completely different from what they imagined. They had severely underestimated Shi Feng, thinking he had only relied on his advantage in tiers to overwhelm Balrog Heart.

Melissa, who had originally planned to leave, sighed as she looked at Shi Feng. Then, she said, "Although I don't want to, I guess we have no better choice."

If Divine Hunters and Morning Light failed to kill Shi Feng even after mobilizing four Tier 4 experts, their two Guilds would definitely become a laughingstock in Crying Sea City. However, the strength Shi Feng had just displayed showed that he was in no way inferior to the God-ranked Expert List's top 10 monsters.

If they wanted to kill Shi Feng, their only option was for all four of them to work together. Otherwise, neither Divine Hunters nor Morning Light should consider killing Shi Feng.

As soon as Melissa nodded in agreement, One Step, Florence, and Shadow Emperor promptly got ready to use their respective specialties.

Meanwhile, when Favra noticed this scene from down below, her expression turned serious as she promptly picked up the silver staff resting against her chair. "Are those four planning to attack together?"

"How can this be…" Hidden Soul and the others also despaired when they saw this situation.

Four Tier 4 titled experts.

The combat power of such a line-up was definitely at the Miniature Ancient World's very apex. Even a monster as strong as Shi Feng would have no chance of surviving against such a line-up.

However, before Hidden Soul and the others could recover from their despair and make a response, the four titled experts in the sky made their move.

One Step brandished his greatsword after activating his Tier 4 Legacy Skill Titan's Wrath, the Skill increasing his Strength Attribute to the Tier 5 standard. Now, whenever he swung his greatsword, even the Tier 3 players down below found themselves immobilized by the compressed space around them.

Meanwhile, the golden lion Florence had transformed into released an angry roar, its size doubling. Then, the golden lion used the Tier 4 Legacy Skill Golden Roar at Shi Feng, the Skill's activation dyeing the sky in a golden hue.

As for Convict, he used his Tier 4 Legacy Skill Shadow Extermination, instantly splitting into over a hundred doppelgangers that flickered around and attacked Shi Feng from all directions.

Lastly, Melissa raised the sky-blue flag she wielded, causing the sea's surface within a 1,000-yard radius to rise like an awakened beast and directing this beast to devour Shi Feng.

When these four people took action, the scene they created looked nothing like a battle between players but rather an epic war in ancient mythology instead. The sheer power these four people's attacks radiated caused the various powers' young talents to feel as if death had come to greet them. The power of these attacks was so overwhelming that it made even Favra, who had thought of moving to save Shi Feng, feel powerless.

Yet, when faced with these seemingly apocalyptic attacks, Shi Feng did not choose to dodge them. Instead, he simply sheathed Blasphemer and raised the Winter of Eternal Night with both hands. Then, he swung the sword at the space in front of him.

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Second Sword, Holy Devour!

This would be the first time Shi Feng had executed Holy Devour with all of his strength after becoming a Tier 4 Sword Law Saint.

The Holy Annihilation Mana Technique was the Heavenly Blue Saint's greatest achievement. The Mana Technique could unleash power capable of overwhelming even Tier 6 Gods. The technique was divided into three parts, each with a greater usage requirement than the other.

Out of the three parts, First Sword, Lightshadow could only barely be used at Tier 3. As for Second Sword, Holy Devour, it wasn't something a Tier 3 player could use. As for why Shi Feng could use Holy Devour when he was at Tier 3, it was because he had thoroughly mastered the Holy Annihilation Mana Technique. Even so, he could never unleash Holy Devour's true strength. Even when he was going up against Tia Pollena, the eight-winged Valkyrie, the Holy Devours he executed were incomplete.

However, now that he had reached Tier 4, he had barely met the requirement to execute the complete Holy Devour.

Subsequently, as soon as Shi Feng swung his sword, mana within a 1,000-yard radius of him exploded and ignited into flames, transforming the sky into a sea of flames. At the same time, the attacks of One Step, Florence, Convict, and Melissa were reduced to nothing by this sea of flames. As for the attackers themselves, all four of them were sent flying over a hundred yards away, their HP falling by over one-third…

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