Chapter 269 - Tier 4 Powerhouse
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Two Worlds Sea, Crying Sea City:

Crying Sea City was one of the few super-large NPC Cities present in the Two Worlds Sea, and it had become the gathering place of countless powers from the myriad God's Domains.

However, out of all these powers, only two Guilds had successfully garrisoned Crying Sea City: Divine Hunters and Morning Light. Both Guilds possessed a Guild Residence in the city's central area. Because of this, the two Guilds' members could freely teleport into the city via Guild transfer Scrolls. This situation not only caused the various powers and players to grow envious, but it also established the two Guilds' authority in Crying Sea City.

As for powers that failed to garrison Crying Sea City, they could only compete for the limited number of temporary Guild Halls available at the city's Adventurer's Association.

"The Guild Leader killed Balrog Heart?" Su Qianliu, who was resting in her office, was shocked when she heard the report Wu Lingling had just made to her. "Are you sure about this?"

"This matter has already reached the ears of Crying Sea City's various hegemonic powers, so it shouldn't be wrong. Soulfire has also messaged us offline saying that the Guild Leader is on his way to Crying Sea City," Wu Lingling said excitedly. "Because of this, the number of adventurer teams looking to join Asura has increased substantially. Everyone thinks that Asura can secure an administrative seat during the upcoming Medium Shipyard competition."

Ships were the basis of survival in the Two Worlds Sea. Players couldn't do without ships if they wished to make progress here.

However, obtaining ships from NPCs was incredibly difficult and costly. If players wished to acquire a large number of ships at an affordable price, their only option was to construct them at a shipyard. The only problem was that players needed to compete for the administrative rights of the various NPC Cities' shipyards.

Every shipyard had a fixed number of administrative seats, and this number would typically range from two to three. So long as a power managed to secure a seat, it could spend materials to mass-produce ships. The advantages and wealth a power could generate through this were self-evident.

Meanwhile, powers looking to compete for a shipyard's administrative seats could only send six experts to represent them. So, one could imagine how much of an advantage the Asura Mercenary Alliance would have if one of its representatives was a powerhouse capable of defeating the 21st-ranked Balrog Heart.

Not to mention, the Asura Mercenary Alliance's experts had grown significantly because of all the clashes they've had with the myriad worlds' experts and the Primordial Tower's effect. They've grown so much that Shi Feng would probably be surprised when he saw them. With the help of a top-20 God List expert, it was entirely possible for the Asura Mercenary Alliance to secure an administrative seat in the upcoming competition.

"The Guild Leader is on his way here?" Su Qianliu's expression suddenly changed when she heard Wu Lingling's words. "Lingling, notify Hidden Soul and have her bring a team outside the city to meet up with the Guild Leader immediately! I'll head over with a team as well!"

"What's wrong, Vice Guild Leader?" Wu Lingling asked in confusion.

"The nail that sticks out gets hammered." While contacting some trustworthy core members of Zero Wing in the city, Su Qianliu explained, "The various powers in Crying Sea City have only ignored Zero Wing and Asura previously because we were only inconspicuous powers. Even establishing a foothold in the city had taken us a lot of effort. However, now that we've suddenly become a strong contender for Crying Sea City's Medium Shipyard and there are only a few days left before the Medium Shipyard competition, how do you think Crying Sea City's various hegemonic powers will react? How will Divine Hunters and Morning Light react?"

"They'll destroy the Guild Leader?" Wu Lingling suddenly felt a chill crawling down her spine, her expression turning somber.

Whoever gained control over Crying Sea City's shipyards would gain dominance over the city.

Currently, Divine Hunters and Morning Light only held control over Crying Sea City's Small Shipyard. Even then, they had already become nigh-invincible out at sea. They had also gained control over an important ore vein out at sea.

A Medium Shipyard was capable of manufacturing ships of higher ranking than what a Small Shipyard could manufacture. If a power managed to secure it, its naval power would definitely skyrocket.

Shi Feng was the Asura Mercenary Alliance's only hope for winning an administrative seat. So long as the various hegemonic powers could kill Shi Feng once, they would have one less competitor in the upcoming Medium Shipyard competition.

"That's right!" Su Qianliu nodded. "The Guild Leader might have the strength to kill someone as strong as Balrog Heart, but the mysterious energy at sea is incredibly violent. If the various hegemonic powers surround him, it won't be difficult for them to kill him. So, we must meet with the Guild Leader before the other powers find him."

The Top of Two Worlds was different from the rest of the Miniature Ancient World. Players could only communicate via the system if they were within a certain range of each other. At most, this range was enough to cover an entire city. Hence, it was incredibly difficult for players to communicate over long distances. If players wished to do so, offline communication would be the quickest method. However, they evidently couldn't contact Shi Feng via offline means now that he had already left for the Greater World.

So, their only option was to send people to find Shi Feng.

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"I understand. I'll go and inform Big Sis Soul right away," Wu Lingling said before quickly logging out of the game.

Zero Wing might be the heart of the Asura Mercenary Alliance, but the mercenary alliance's various teams did not operate in the same area. The quickest way to gather these teams would be to contact them offline.


Not long after Su Qianliu and the others began making their move, a figure suddenly got enveloped by a magic barrier in the sky a short distance from Crying Sea City.

Subsequently, a fleet of more than 500 Advanced Ships quickly gathered underneath the barrier. This was a rare sight even in Crying Sea City, and the ships passing by couldn't help but avoid this massive fleet.

"Dammit! We were too late!"

When Hidden Soul saw the figure enveloped in the magic barrier, her complexion turned incredibly gloomy.

Hidden Soul had rushed back to Crying Sea City as soon as she heard the news from Wu Lingling. She originally thought that she could get in touch with Shi Feng first since friend communication had a much bigger range. Yet, Crying Sea City's various hegemonic powers still managed to get ahead of her...

"What is the meaning of this?" Shi Feng asked, a slight frown forming on his face as he looked at the four people before him.

Shi Feng was rather familiar with these four people. They were Titan Sword One Step, Hundred Beast Florence, Dark Banner Melissa, and Shadow Emperor Convict.

All four were famous individuals in the Greater God's Domain. At the same time, they were also veteran titled paragons. During their younger days, they were not the slightest bit weaker than the current Balrog Heart.

Take Divine Hunters' One Step, for example. Although he was in his fifties now, he was more talented than even Balrog Heart, having received a title from the Seven Luminaries Alliance at the young age of 25.

As for why he had received the title of "Titan Sword," it was because he possessed the Titan Bloodline, an extremely rare Bloodline even in the Greater God's Domain. It was the Bloodline of Titans, an apex race that rivaled Dragons. The Bloodline granted One Step with Strength and Physique that was beyond his tier.

As for Divine Hunters' Florence, he received his title because of his Unique Class Beast Illusionist. He could absorb the strength of God's Domain's monsters and turn it into his own. The more powerful monsters he defeated, the greater his strength would become.

As for Dark Banner Melissa and Shadow Emperor Convict, both were peerless paragons belonging to Morning Light. When they fought, they were just as strong as One Step and Florence.

Among them, Melissa possessed a special Legacy that granted her incredible affinity with the water attribute. She would essentially become invincible among opponents of the same tier when fighting out at sea.

Although these four people didn't have very high levels, all four being at Level 122 only, the life aura they radiated indicated that they were all bona fide Tier 4 players.

"You must be Zero Wing's Black Flame, right? It seems you have indeed reached Tier 4 already," One Step, clad in dark-gray plate armor and carrying a greatsword that was as tall as he was, said as he looked at Shi Feng arrogantly. "I am Divine Hunters' One Step. Divine Hunters will only give you two options: submit or die!"

"It seems you are quite lucky to be able to reach Tier 4 so quickly," Melissa, dressed in a black dress, said as she looked at Shi Feng indifferently. "If you submit to Morning Light, Morning Light can ensure your safety."

Of the two people that spoke, one was arrogant while the other was indifferent.

However, the meaning their words conveyed was obvious. Submit or die. There was no third option.

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