Chapter 269 - Tier 4 Powerhouse
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Two Worlds Sea, Crying Sea City:

Crying Sea City was one of the few super-large NPC Cities present in the Two Worlds Sea, and it had become the gathering place of countless powers from the myriad God's Domains.

However, out of all these powers, only two Guilds had successfully garrisoned Crying Sea City: Divine Hunters and Morning Light. Both Guilds possessed a Guild Residence in the city's central area. Because of this, the two Guilds' members could freely teleport into the city via Guild transfer Scrolls. This situation not only caused the various powers and players to grow envious, but it also established the two Guilds' authority in Crying Sea City.

As for powers that failed to garrison Crying Sea City, they could only compete for the limited number of temporary Guild Halls available at the city's Adventurer's Association.

"The Guild Leader killed Balrog Heart?" Su Qianliu, who was resting in her office, was shocked when she heard the report Wu Lingling had just made to her. "Are you sure about this?"

"This matter has already reached the ears of Crying Sea City's various hegemonic powers, so it shouldn't be wrong. Soulfire has also messaged us offline saying that the Guild Leader is on his way to Crying Sea City," Wu Lingling said excitedly. "Because of this, the number of adventurer teams looking to join Asura has increased substantially. Everyone thinks that Asura can secure an administrative seat during the upcoming Medium Shipyard competition."

Ships were the basis of survival in the Two Worlds Sea. Players couldn't do without ships if they wished to make progress here.

However, obtaining ships from NPCs was incredibly difficult and costly. If players wished to acquire a large number of ships at an affordable price, their only option was to construct them at a shipyard. The only problem was that players needed to compete for the administrative rights of the various NPC Cities' shipyards.

Every shipyard had a fixed number of administrative seats, and this number would typically range from two to three. So

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