Chapter 268 - Sword Emperor?
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"What happened?"

"They're gone?"

Be it Soulfire's members or Night Blade's members, everyone was dumbfounded by what just happened. Even Daybreak Mist couldn't help but rub her eyes and take another look.

When Balrog Heart's Flame God's Spear appeared, Daybreak Mist had felt the presence of death enveloping her. The power of the attack had already gone beyond her ability to survive.

In front of this attack, the average titled expert was nothing but a joke.

This was because Balrog Heart's attack had already reached a level where it could destroy an entire town.

Upon realizing Balrog Heart's strength, Daybreak Mist couldn't help but feel suffocated.

Yet, Shi Feng's attack had not only erased Balrog Heart's full-powered attack, but it had also left a gash in the ocean that extended for several kilometers…

"Rain, are you really, really sure this person is the Guild Leader Black Flame you mentioned?" Daybreak Mist whispered to Moon Rain, trying to seek further confirmation.

This was Balrog Heart they were talking about! The 21st-ranked player on the God-ranked Expert List!

Yet, not only did Black Flame defeat Balrog Heart, but he had even accomplished it in one move…

This was a feat that probably only the monsters ranked within the God-ranked Expert List's top 10 could accomplish.

It should be known that every one of these top 10 monsters was an existence capable of monopolizing an entire Medium Shipyard. Meanwhile, not only could a Medium Shipyard generate tremendous amounts of wealth for a power, but it could also increase the chances of a power being recruited by a conglomerate in the future.

It was the dream of countless powers to join a conglomerate in the Greater God's Domain. Unfortunately, generally speaking, only upper-ranking hegemonic powers could catch the attention of conglomerates and become a part of a conglomerate.

However, now that the Miniature Ancient World had become a gathering place for the myriad worlds, an immense amount of wealth was gathered here. Moreover, many ore veins capable of producing Seven Luminaries Crystals have been discovered across the Top of Two Worlds.

If a power could dominate a sizable portion of the Miniature Ancient World, even if said power wasn't an upper-ranking hegemonic power, it might still have a chance of catching the various conglomerates' attention. After all, Seven Luminaries Crystals were a rare commodity that was in high demand no matter where one went. Even if a power was weak, so long as it could generate enough Seven Luminaries Crystals, the various conglomerates wouldn't mind extending an olive branch to it.

"It should be…" Moon Rain answered hesitantly.

At this moment, even Moon Rain couldn't help but grow uncertain. Although she knew that Black Flame was powerful, she never thought he would be so powerful as to kill Balrog Heart in one move.

While Moon Rain and Daybreak Mist were talking, Shi Feng waved his hand at the items Balrog Heart and Divine Hunters' other members dropped. Immediately, the items dropped by these hundred-plus players flew toward him. Then, he began stuffing the items into his bag one after another.

This is…a large sea map?

Shi Feng was pleasantly surprised as he looked at the tattered map in his hands.

Generally, when players entered a region they had never visited, their system map would only display their nearby surroundings. If players wished to have a more informative map of the region, they would have to explore the region in person. Either that or they could purchase a region map from a nearby NPC City.

If players wanted to operate out at sea, a sea map was an indispensable item. This was because a sea map would not only display islands that wouldn't be displayed on the system map, but it also covered a large area. Moreover, the sea map would also mark the player's specific location, preventing players from getting lost while navigating at sea.

Typically, sea maps could be divided into small, medium, and large sizes. Each size category of sea map would also cover an increasingly larger area. Small sea maps would cover an area roughly the size of two or three land-based leveling maps, medium sea maps would cover seven or eight leveling maps, and large sea maps would cover at least twenty leveling maps.

During the exploration phase of a region, a large sea map could easily be worth two or three Fragmented Legendary items.

So, it was a truly pleasant surprise to Shi Feng that Balrog Heart would gift a large sea map to him.

It should be known that he had only helped Soulfire get rid of Balrog Heart in passing. He never really thought of gaining anything from this action. After all, Soulfire had already joined the Asura Mercenary Alliance. Moreover, Moon Rain had given Wu Lingling a lot of help thus far. So, he naturally had to help Moon Rain now that the other party was in trouble.

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As for how Shi Feng managed to eliminate Balrog Heart so easily, it was because Balrog Heart was only a Tier 3 player. There was a significant gap between Tier 3 and Tier 4 players. Not to mention, Shi Feng was even equipped with the Blazing Flame Set, a Level 120 Dark-Gold Immortal Set. It might be a different story if Balrog Heart had reached Tier 4 already, but before that happened, Shi Feng would only need one move to take care of him.

So this place is the Top of Two Worlds? Shi Feng was a little surprised after he was done inspecting the sea map. He didn't think that the Top of Two Worlds would be a world within a world. Moreover, it was quite a huge world. At the very least, judging by the information he gleaned from the map, the Top of Two Worlds should be significantly larger than the Miniature Ancient World. The nearest NPC City from here is Crying Sea City. I should head there and get some rest.

Afterward, Shi Feng stored the sea map and flew toward Crying Sea City.

"He's flying away?"

"It will take him over ten hours to reach Crying Sea City even if he can fly with his Mana Domain. Even if he exhausts his Concentration, there's no way he can reach the city, right?"

"Could he have reached Tier 4 already?"

Everyone was stunned when they saw Shi Feng flying into the distance.

A Tier 3 player could fly so long as they had a Mana Domain. However, flying via this method consumed a lot of Concentration, so flying for long periods of time wouldn't be possible.

Seeing as Shi Feng was flying in Crying Sea City's direction, he should be aware of the city's existence. In that case, he should also know that the city was over ten hours away from their current location. Yet, he had still chosen to fly there. This could only mean that he had already reached Tier 4 and gained the ability to fly for long periods of time.

Only, Tier 4 should still be a goal far out of the reach of the Miniature Ancient World's various powers.

Although many hegemonic powers had already found Tier 4 Legacy Lands, a few days had only passed since the first batch of challengers had left to challenge their Tier 4 promotion. Going by the average time it took for players to complete their Tier 4 promotion, this first batch of challengers would still need at least ten days before they could complete their promotion…

There was an incredible gap between Tier 3 and Tier 4 classes. If Shi Feng had indeed reached Tier 4 already, it wouldn't even be an exaggeration to say that he was invincible in the current Miniature Ancient World.

A Tier 4 Sword Emperor? Moon Rain's eyes lit up in excitement as she looked at Shi Feng's departing back. Crying Sea City is probably going to see a change of hands soon!

Crying Sea City was a gathering place for over one hundred million players, and it was currently under the rule of two tyrants: Divine Hunters and Morning Light. Both were hegemonic powers originating from a Higher God's Domain, and they had ruled over the city ever since players gained access to the Top of Two Worlds. Now, though, Crying Sea City might be seeing a change of hands.

So, this is the strength Asura has kept hidden?

Daybreak Mist also fell into a daze after coming across this revelation.

It was already astonishing that Shi Feng had managed to kill Balrog Heart. The fact that Shi Feng had reached Tier 4 was even more surprising. Daybreak Mist couldn't help but reevaluate her opinion of the Asura Mercenary Alliance. At the same time, she also decided that she would have her adventurer team join Asura as soon as she returned.

Meanwhile, shortly after Shi Feng left, news of Balrog Heart's death also reached Crying Sea City, the news making waves in the city.

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