Chapter 267 - Splitting The World
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Black Flame's name was quite famous in the Miniature Ancient World. After all, not only was he a fourth-floor expert, an existence that was rare even in the Greater World, but he was also the de facto owner of the popular Abyssal Star City.

In addition, he was also the Guild Leader of Zero Wing, the ruling power of the Asura Mercenary Alliance.

"Are you sure you're not mistaken, Rain?" Daybreak Mist couldn't help but ask Moon Rain.

Daybreak Mist had received an invitation to join the Asura Mercenary Alliance from Moon Rain multiple times before. However, she had turned down the offer every time. While the Asura Mercenary Alliance might offer its members a high degree of freedom and priority entry into Abyssal Star City, the mercenary alliance was far too weak when it came to combat capabilities.

It should be known that competition in the current Miniature Ancient World was no less intense than the competition in the Greater God's Domain. Weak powers might be able to survive and even gain an advantage over other powers during the early periods of the Miniature Ancient World, but this would no longer be true in the long run. In fact, unless these weak powers could gather a sufficient number of experts, they would quickly lose their place and be eliminated from the Miniature Ancient World.

In Daybreak Mist's opinion, the Asura Mercenary Alliance would be categorized as one of these weak powers.

After all, the Asura Mercenary Alliance only had a handful of fourth-floor experts and not even one titled expert. With so few capable experts under its command, how was it supposed to contest against the various hegemonic powers over resources in the future?

Yet, now, Moon Rain was saying that the cloaked man, who had come out unscathed after receiving Balrog Heart's combination attack, was actually Zero Wing's Guild Leader Black Flame. This was a very astonishing revelation, so Daybreak Mist couldn't help but doubt it.

"It should be. I've only ever seen Guild Leader Black Flame using that sword technique," Moon Rain said, her

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