Chapter 266 - Zero Wing's Guild Leader Black Flame?
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 266 - Zero Wing's Guild Leader Black Flame?

Everyone instinctively turned toward the source of the voice.

Without anyone noticing, a cloaked man had appeared 100 meters above the ocean. The man carried two swords around his waist, but he radiated neither the aura of an expert nor a dangerous aura. At first glance, this cloaked man seemed like an ordinary Swordsman one could find anywhere.

"Is this guy nuts? He dares to speak like that to Lord Balrog?"

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"Seeing as he can fly, he should have grasped a Mana Domain, so I guess he can be considered a powerful expert. However, he probably hasn't seen Lord Balrog in action before, so maybe that's why he dares to utter such bold words."

"He's probably an ignorant native, then. This is the end of his life now that he has spoken so rudely to Lord Balrog."

Divine Hunters' members held a merry discussion among themselves as they looked at the cloaked man in the sky. Some of them had even started worrying about the cloaked man's future. As for the words the cloaked man uttered, none of them treated those words seriously.

In the Greater God's Domain, titled fourth-floor experts were known as walking disasters. Even at Tier 3, such an expert could fight a team of one thousand experts in the Greater God's Domain's environment. Not to mention, Balrog Heart was an existence capable of defeating a veteran titled expert using only twenty moves.

Experts capable of grasping a Mana Domain at Tier 3 might seem rare in the eyes of the Miniature Ancient World's natives, but experts of such caliber were no different than a Tier 3 ordinary player in front of Balrog Heart. Balrog Heart could defeat such players with a flip of his hand.

What a powerful expert!

When Daybreak Mist looked at the cloaked man in the sky, a hint of surprise appeared in her silver eyes.

She was in possession of the Sacred Eyes. Compared to ordinary experts, she could see the flow of mana much more clearly. Hence, she could see that the cloaked man had seemingly matched the flow of mana in his body with the ambient mana around him. This was a feat that required incredible control over mana. This was also why nobody present could sense the cloaked man's presence even though he was clearly standing under the glaring sun.

Experts capable of controlling their mana to such an extent were typically titled experts.

However, Daybreak Mist quickly shook her head.

Titled experts might be apex existences in the current Miniature Ancient World that even the various hegemonic powers had to be wary of, but Balrog Heart wasn't an ordinary titled expert. He was someone capable of defeating a veteran titled expert in twenty moves.

Before Daybreak Mist could give a word of advice to the cloaked man, Balrog Heart glared at the cloaked man and sneered. Immediately afterward, two Tier 3 two-fold magic arrays appeared next to him, each magic array carrying mana nearing the Tier 4 standard.

Of these two magic arrays, one was for the Tier 3 Confinement Spell Flame Lock, and one was for the Tier 3 Destruction Spell Lava Explosion.

Double silent-casting?

Moon Rain shuddered, her mind having trouble accepting this situation.

Moon Rain was an Elementalist, so she knew how difficult it was to execute silent casting. It was also the technique she hoped to master.

When players were casting Spells in God's Domain, they typically had to form an impression of the Spell's magic array in their minds. Afterward, they would need to chant the necessary incantation to deepen their impression of the magic array. Then, their Spell would take shape.

Of course, a more convenient way to cast Spells was to draw the magic array directly in one's mind. This would drastically reduce the chanting needed to strengthen the magic array's formation. This technique was also known by people as speed casting.

Meanwhile, magical class players would only be considered experts if they could execute speed casting. As for players capable of executing double speed-casting, they were typically peak experts.

Currently, triple speed-casting was Moon Rain's limit.

However, there was another type of spellcasting method that was superior to speed casting, and that was silent casting. Silent casting did not require the process of drawing a magic array. Instead, players would form the magic array directly with mana.

Meanwhile, double silent-casting was a feat Moon Rain didn't even think was possible. Not to mention, Balrog Heart had created two-fold magic arrays for both of his Spells. This meant that he had created the same magic arrays twice, effectively doubling the power of his Spells.

Meanwhile, Daybreak Mist quickly shouted, "Quickly dodge!"

The reason Balrog Heart had received the title of Balrog wasn't because of his player ID. Instead, it was because of his extraordinary mastery over fire-type Spells. Not only could he manipulate fire-type Spells effortlessly, but he also had the ability to resolve the slow mana gathering problem that plagued all fire-type Spells.

By the time Daybreak Mist had shouted her warning, Balrog Heart's two two-fold magic arrays were already done gathering the mana they needed.

Suddenly, a flame barrier appeared in the air, enveloping the cloaked man entirely. This flame barrier was incredibly sturdy, and even a Tier 4 Mythic monster would need several attacks to break this flame barrier from the inside.

Immediately afterward, a sphere of lava with a radius of several dozen meters emerged from one of the magic arrays next to Balrog Heart and flew toward the flame barrier.

It's over… Daybreak Mist closed her eyes.

Flame Lock would not block attacks coming from the outside. In other words, Balrog Heart's Lava Explosion could bypass the Flame Lock and attack the cloaked man directly. Meanwhile, Lava Explosion was a Destruction Spell, so it couldn't be dodged or blocked.

Just when the lava sphere was passing through the Flame Lock, the cloaked man's voice appeared once again.

"This is quite the powerful move. It's a pity it's useless against me."

As soon as the cloaked man finished speaking, an explosion rang out in mid-air. Subsequently, a blooming flower made of sword lights instantly ripped the flame barrier to shreds and fragmented the lava sphere into countless pieces. As for the cloaked man, he remained unscathed as he hovered in mid-air and quietly looked down at Balrog Heart.

"He blocked it?!"

"Impossible! That was Lord Balrog's trademark move!"

Divine Hunters' members were stupefied by this scene, their jaws dropping.

Even a Superior Mythic monster would get injured when going up against such a rapid double silent-casting. Yet, the uncloaked man didn't lose a single HP from the exchange.

Balrog Heart was similarly stunned by this situation. Immediately, his expression turned serious, and he looked at the cloaked man in the air and asked, "Who are you?"

Anyone capable of blocking his two-fold Lava Explosion couldn't be a nameless nobody in the Miniature Ancient World. As for those capable of receiving his combination attack without taking a single point of damage, they numbered no more than a handful.

However, Balrog Heart did not receive an answer from the cloaked man. Though, he did get a response from Moon Rain, who had muttered something in surprise.

"Guild Leader Black Flame?!"

The spread of sword lights was a very familiar sight to Moon Rain. As far as she could recall, Black Flame was the only person to have ever used such a sword technique.

Guild Leader Black Flame? Daybreak Mist fell into a daze when she overheard Moon Rain's mumbling. He is Zero Wing's Guild Leader Black Flame?

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