Chapter 265 - God List Rank 21
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Under the blue sky and several meters above a vast and boundless ocean, a space-time fissure that was hundreds of meters in height and width appeared all of a sudden. Then, a black shadow shot out of the fissure and smashed into the ocean below.

Just as this shadow was about to hit the calm ocean, an invisible force halted this shadow's descent and kept this shadow hovering a few meters above the ocean.

"Great! It worked!" Shi Feng couldn't help but grow excited when he sensed that his surroundings were brimming with mana. He had very nearly lost his life in the Ancient God Graveyard and wasted the Ancient God Legacy he had acquired.

Fortunately, the Legendary Legacy Scroll did not disappoint. Even though he had entered the space-time passage before it had stabilized, it still allowed him to safely escape from the Ancient God Graveyard.

With this, he had successfully completed his promotion. Now, all that was left to do was to report to the Adventurer's Association and get himself certified as a Tier 4 player.

What a strange place. It won't even let me use Return Scrolls here. Shi Feng couldn't help but be a little surprised when he saw that he couldn't use any of his Return Scrolls or Guild Transfer Scrolls. Have I not returned to the Miniature Ancient World?

There were a few reasons Return Scrolls and Guild Transfer Scrolls would fail to take effect. Meanwhile, one of these reasons was that the user wasn't in the same world as the target destination of these scrolls. After factoring in the situation he had had just experienced, Shi Feng felt that this was a likely possibility.

Thinking up to this point, Shi Feng bitterly smiled as he thought, It seems an unstable passage still comes with its risks… No matter. Although I don't know where this place is, at least I managed to escape from the Ancient God Graveyard. For now, I should find a place to settle down.

Immediately, Shi Feng began flying in the direction that had denser mana.

In God's Domain, players could fly by manipulating their mana after reaching Tier 4, and their speed would be faster than even Epic Land Mounts. Moreover, they could remain in flight for a much longer than Tier 3 experts who have grasped a Mana Domain.

The only flaw with flying using this method was that it consumed players' Concentration. It was similar to how players would expend Stamina when running on land. Hence, players couldn't remain in flight forever.

What a special place this is. The mana here is incredibly dense, and the mysterious energy here is astonishingly violent. Even a Tier 3 player with a Gold Mana Body wouldn't last more than five hours in this place.

After Shi Feng flew for around an hour, he took notice of the peculiarity of this foreign space.

The density of the ambient mana in this foreign space was already close to rivaling Abyssal Star City. Even peak experts would see significant improvements if they lived in such an environment for a long time.

However, the problem was that this place was also inundated with a kind of mysterious energy. Meanwhile, the rate at which this mysterious energy corroded players' bodies was several times greater than the mysterious energy found in the Boundary Mountain Range. Before reaching Tier 4, any player who tried to explore this space alone would meet a swift death.

This was because apart from the violent mysterious energy, this foreign space was also filled with many wandering monsters, be it in the air or in the ocean. The sea monsters in the ocean were especially dangerous, and they were significantly stronger than land-based monsters of the same rank and level.

When it came to HP, sea monsters had several times more HP than land monsters. After including their ability to fight freely in the ocean, even a Level 120 Great Lord ranked sea monster would be beyond the strength of a six-man party of Level 120, Tier 3 players.

If Tier 3 players wished to fight sea monsters, they'd need the support of ships. Otherwise, they'd only become food for sea monsters.

Hm? Players?

At this time, Shi Feng suddenly noticed several dozen ships over a thousand yards away from him. These ships were split into two groups and constantly shelled each other with cannon fire. The explosions were so intense that Shi Feng could hear them clearly even from over a thousand yards away.


"Quickly get the defensive magic array ready! The other side's Destruction Spell is coming!"

Standing on an Advanced Ship capable of carrying 20 passengers, a woman dressed in light-blue robes and wielding an Epic Staff quickly issued commands to her teammates in response to the enemy's Destruction Spell.


A pillar of flames descended from the sky and struck the two-fold magic barrier that had just formed, shattering it instantly. Although the barrier had blocked most of the flame pillar's power, some residue power that got past still caused the Advanced Ship's energy shield to tremble and crack a little.

"The ship's energy shield can only withstand two more of such attacks, Vice Commander Rain," a Level 124 Elven Ranger reported when she saw the ship's dwindling energy reserve. "At this rate, the energy shield will break in under ten minutes. We should just hand that item to them. If we do that, they might stop troubling us."

"Stop joking, Commander Daybreak," Moon Rain said as she looked at the elven woman. "You are Soulfire's ally. If we let you surrender that item after accepting your commission, Soulfire will become a laughingstock in the future. Not to mention, our opponents are only one of Divine Hunters' leveling teams. Our chances of escaping aren't zero."

However, despite hearing Moon Rain's words, the elven woman named Daybreak Mist shook her head and said, "You aren't familiar with Divine Hunters' behavior, but the attacks they have used so far are only a warning to us. If we continue struggling and anger Divine Hunters, my side won't be the only one to suffer Divine Hunters' retaliation. Even Soulfire will most likely have trouble establishing a foothold in Crying Sea City."

"Such an offensive is only a warning?" Moon Rain grew a little speechless when she heard Daybreak Mist's words. Even now, there was a constant stream of cannon fire bombarding their energy shields. No matter how she looked at it, the other side clearly intended to obliterate them. Yet, Daybreak Mist was saying that this was only the other side's way of sending them a warning, and the other side wasn't attacking them seriously at all.

It should be known that their current fleet was Soulfire's main fleet. The fleet had five Advanced Ships and fifteen Common Ships. Although the other side had ten Advanced Ships and ten Common Ships, they weren't without a chance of escaping. After all, naval battles differed from land battles.

On land, the quality of expert players was very important. However, at sea, the importance of ships far exceeded the importance of expert players. In a naval battle, so long as the ships of both sides retained their energy shields, the only thing the players of both sides could do was fling ranged Skills and Spells at each other.

In a situation where both sides were composed of only Tier 3 players, there wouldn't be a significant difference when it came to flinging ranged Skills and Spells. If Soulfire's fleet took advantage of the winds and tides, escaping from Divine Hunters' fleet shouldn't be a difficult challenge.

Of course, Moon Rain did not doubt Daybreak Mist's words. After all, Daybreak Mist was the commander of Night Blade, a top adventurer team that originated from one of the Four Saints Higher God's Domains. At the same time, Daybreak Mist was also a bona fide fourth-floor expert.

While Moon Rain and Daybreak Mist were talking, a deep and cold voice suddenly came from afar.

"It seems you're quite the sensible person, Daybreak Mist. I guess it isn't without reason you managed to develop Night Blade to its current scale."

Following this voice, a young man dressed in dark-red robes and wielding a crimson staff suddenly appeared above Moon Rain and Daybreak Mist's ship.

What?! Why is he here?! Moon Rain was greatly shocked when she saw the male Elementalist hovering in the air.

At this moment, Moon Rain and Soulfire's members weren't the only ones panicking over this unexpected development. Even Daybreak Mist's expression sank when she saw the young man.

Balrog Heart!

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Currently ranked 21st on the God-ranked Expert List while also being one of the two paragons nurtured by Divine Hunters. Moreover, two years ago, at the age of 27, Balrog Heart had already received the title of Balrog from the Seven Luminaries Alliance.

After undergoing two years of training as one of Divine Hunters' future successors, nobody knew exactly how powerful Balrog Heart had become. The only reference everyone had was the fight in Crying Sea City's Colosseum a few days ago, where Balrog Heart had defeated a veteran titled expert in only twenty moves and received the 21st rank on the God-ranked Expert List.

"Hand over the Tier 4 Legacy Guidance Scroll and all of your ships, and I will spare your lives," Balrog Heart said in a commanding tone. "Otherwise, all of you will suffer triple the death penalty and be eliminated from Crying Sea City!"

"You're going too far, Balrog! I can hand over the Legacy Guidance Scroll but not the ships! We can't even survive in Crying Sea City without them!" Daybreak Mist shouted angrily.

The ocean made up over 90% of the Top of Two Worlds, so ships became crucial for players seeking to develop here. Because of this, ships were in great demand, and replacing even one lost ship would require a lot of Magic Crystals, time, and effort, let alone an entire fleet.

"Too far?" Balrog Heart laughed. "Do you think you people can leave this place alive?"

Nobody on Soulfire's side could offer a rebuttal in response to Balrog Heart's question. Even Daybreak Mist could only grit her teeth in silence.

Just when Balrog Heart thought of starting another round of mockery, a deep and clear voice suddenly entered everyone's ears.

"What if they can leave this place alive?"

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