Chapter 265 - God List Rank 21
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Under the blue sky and several meters above a vast and boundless ocean, a space-time fissure that was hundreds of meters in height and width appeared all of a sudden. Then, a black shadow shot out of the fissure and smashed into the ocean below.

Just as this shadow was about to hit the calm ocean, an invisible force halted this shadow's descent and kept this shadow hovering a few meters above the ocean.

"Great! It worked!" Shi Feng couldn't help but grow excited when he sensed that his surroundings were brimming with mana. He had very nearly lost his life in the Ancient God Graveyard and wasted the Ancient God Legacy he had acquired.

Fortunately, the Legendary Legacy Scroll did not disappoint. Even though he had entered the space-time passage before it had stabilized, it still allowed him to safely escape from the Ancient God Graveyard.

With this, he had successfully completed his promotion. Now, all that was left to do was to report to the Adventurer's Association and get himself certified as a Tier 4 player.

What a strange place. It won't even let me use Return Scrolls here. Shi Feng couldn't help but be a little surprised when he saw that he couldn't use any of his Return Scrolls or Guild Transfer Scrolls. Have I not returned to the Miniature Ancient World?

There were a few reasons Return Scrolls and Guild Transfer Scrolls would fail to take effect. Meanwhile, one of these reasons was that the user wasn't in the same world as the target destination of these scrolls. After factoring in the situation he had had just experienced, Shi Feng felt that this was a likely possibility.

Thinking up to this point, Shi Feng bitterly smiled as he thought, It seems an unstable passage still comes with its risks… No matter. Although I don't know where this place is, at least I managed to escape from the Ancient God Graveyard. For now, I should find a place to settle down.

Immediately, Shi Feng began flying in the direction that had denser mana.

In God's Domain, players could fly by manipulating their mana after reaching Tier 4, and their speed would be faster than even Epic Land Mounts. Moreover, they could remain in flight for a much longer than Tier 3 experts who have grasped a Mana Domain.

The only flaw with flying using this method was that it consumed players' Concentration. It was similar to how players would expend Stamina when running on land. Hence, players couldn't remain in flight forever.

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