Chapter 264 - Concentration Metamorphosis
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 264 - Concentration Metamorphosis

Silence, cold, and darkness.

As if time had stopped in the Ancient God Graveyard, Tia Pollena quietly hovered in the pitch-black sky with her sacred wings spread out.

Several small cracks had appeared in the illusory barrier that protected the Valkyrie's pristine wings. Although these cracks were gradually mending themselves, it was obvious that they had suffered damage beyond their tolerable threshold.

Is this the true power of a Tier 4 Ultimate Legacy Skill?

At this moment, Shi Feng could feel that the mana around him had taken on a near-solid state. He could even feel the surrounding space becoming significantly heavier.

Shi Feng was no stranger to this phenomenon. On the contrary, he was incredibly familiar with it.

However, it was precisely due to his familiarity with this phenomenon that he couldn't help but be surprised. After all, this was a phenomenon that would only appear when players had raised the strength and density of their mana to the Tier 5 standard. With mana of such high caliber, he could immobilize ordinary Tier 3 experts with nothing but the mana he radiated.

"I applaud you for the tenacity you've shown," Tia Pollena said, a hint of admiration appearing in her eyes when she saw that Shi Feng still refused to die to her attacks. "However, nothing will change even if you've gained Tier 5 Mana. You are simply prolonging your suffering. Do not think even for a moment that you can leave this place alive."

As soon as Tia Pollena finished speaking, several dozen magic arrays suddenly appeared around her. Every one of these magic arrays was formed using divine runes and radiated an ancient and sacred Divine Might. Then, a moment later, several dozen six-winged Valkyries emerged from these ancient magic arrays.

Are you kidding me?

Shi Feng's excited mood instantly fell to rock bottom when he saw the six-winged Valkyries that filled the sky.

These six-winged Tier 4 Valkyries might not be as strong as Tia Pollena, an eight-winged Tier 4 Valkyrie, but a force of several dozen of them was enough to erase an ancient empire that ruled over several hundred cities. There was no way a Tier 4 player like himself could go up against such a force.

"Disappear from this land!" Tia Pollena shouted as she swung an arm forward.

Immediately, the six-winged Valkyries began launching lightning spears at Shi Feng one after another, blotting out the sky with hundreds of lightning spears in the blink of an eye. Every one of these spears carried power at the Tier 5 Basic standard, and even a Tier 5 expert would have to flee in the face of hundreds of such attacks.

Needless to say, Shi Feng had chosen to flee as soon as he saw the rain of lightning spears.

Now that I've completed my Tier 4 promotion, all I need to do is get out of the range of the Ancient God's Arm's Divine Might, and I should be able to leave using the Legacy Scroll, Shi Feng thought while dodging the lightning spears flying at him.

If he were still a Tier 3 player, he would have died instantly to the several dozen six-winged Valkyries.

However, he had completed his promotion already. He was no longer a Tier 3 Sword King but rather a bona fide Tier 4 Sword Emperor. Moreover, he was a Sword Emperor who had formed his Mana Body's core with an Ultimate Legacy Skill. He was superior to even players with Tier 4 Peak Classes.

System: Congratulations! You have become a Tier 4 Sword Law Saint(Sword Emperor). You have activated the Ultimate Legacy Core. All Basic Attributes +2,400, all Resistances +200, Mana recovery rate increased by 120%, Mana strength increased by 20%, Concentration increased by 30%, all physical and magical attacks received that are below Tier 4 will be weakened by 40%, all Basic Attributes increased by 100%, and Physique increased by 180%. Rewarding 150 Legacy Skill Points.

If comparing purely in terms of Basic Attributes, he already rivaled Superior Mythic monsters of the same level. After factoring in the bonuses he received from Abyssal Power, his Strength and Agility had already reached the Tier 5 threshold. There was also his mana that had reached the Tier 5 standard.

So long as he focused entirely on escaping, even a force of several dozen six-winged Valkyries would need some time to kill him.

Subsequently, Shi Feng could be seen dodging the descending lightning spears one after another. As if he were the moon's reflection on a lake, no matter how many lightning spears rained down on him, none of them managed to hit him. The only thing they managed to accomplish was to devastate the land around him.

None of them are hitting? When Tia Pollena saw Shi Feng's performance, a hint of surprise appeared on her face for the first time.

Even a Tier 5 existence would suffer serious damage when subjected to the aerial bombardment of several dozen six-winged Valkyries. Yet, Shi Feng had come out of this bombardment unscathed. The footwork and body technique he executed was so strange that even she had trouble keeping up with his movements.

She found it especially bewildering when some of the lightning spears would swerve away from Shi Feng just when they were about to hit him. It was as if these lightning spears were actively trying to avoid him.

In reality, even Shi Feng himself was surprised by this strange situation. Though, unlike Tia Pollena, Shi Feng knew exactly what was causing this strange performance.

Ascending into a Tier 4 Sword Law Saint provides such a huge improvement to Concentration?

If Mana was described to be the foundation of all things in God's Domain, then Concentration could be regarded as a player's entire being. With a powerful Concentration, not only could players control their bodies better, but they could also control mana much more easily.

Previously, Shi Feng's Concentration had already reached an exaggerated level after using Godslayer. His Concentration had grown so strong that he could execute Holy Devour with relative ease. Now that he had gotten promoted to Tier 4, his Concentration had undergone another qualitative transformation.

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Now, not only could he manipulate his body much more easily, but he could also manipulate the mana around him with much greater ease and precision.

If his previous control over ambient mana was akin to moving a rock to his desired destination, his current control over ambient mana was akin to moving a piece of cotton; he could freely move it around while exerting little to no effort. Even manipulating his own mana, which had already taken on a solid state, required hardly any effort.

This was also why Shi Feng could easily and rapidly disrupt the lightning spears' flight trajectory by changing the density of the mana around him.

Otherwise, even if he were to reach Tier 5, he still wouldn't be able to dodge several hundred lightning spears without getting hit even once.

After seeing the six-winged Valkyries trying and failing to do any damage to Shi Feng for a moment longer, Tia Pollena grew impatient and joined in on the offensive as well, commanding, "Assist me! Do not let the trespasser escape!"

Immediately, with Tia Pollena as the center, the six-winged Valkyries began working together to create a gigantic magic array that covered a 1,000-yard radius. The magic array harnessed the power of lightning from the surroundings and concentrated it to form a dazzling ball of lightning that enveloped Tia Pollena. This sphere of lightning even grew bigger and stronger as time passed.

Thunder Annihilation?! Are they trying to erase this entire land?!

Shi Feng's expression grew incredibly somber when he saw the growing sphere of lightning in the sky.

Thunder Annihilation was a super-large-scale Curse that could erase an entire city. When cast by several dozen Tier 4 Valkyries, the Curse could obliterate even the capital city of a kingdom. If the average Tier 5 MT received this move, they'd turn into dust instantly.

"Let's see how you dodge this!" Tia Pollena said after she finished chanting Thunder Annihilation's incantations.

Immediately afterward, the lightning sphere that had reached a size of several hundred meters descended toward Shi Feng, the sphere obliterating everything in its path and leaving a trail of broken space.

Without even looking back, Shi Feng left behind an afterimage as he flew forward as fast as he could.

Faster! I need to be faster!

There was no question that he would die should he get hit by the Valkyries' Thunder Annihilation. Even his soul would be erased until nothing remained. However, as it wasn't feasible to flee out of Thunder Annihilation's massive attack range, his only way of surviving now would be to fly out of the Ancient God's Arm's influence and teleport out of the Ancient God Graveyard using the Legendary Legacy Scroll.

As the lightning sphere got closer and closer to hitting the ground, Shi Feng also flew closer and closer to the edge of the Ancient God's Arm's influence.

300 yards… 200 yards… 100 yards…

The lightning sphere hit the ground, exploded, and unleashed countless arcs of lightning to the surroundings. Even the patrolling Divine Graveyard Wanderers were instantly reduced to ashes when they came into contact with these lightning arcs.

I'm out! Let me make it!

At the same time, Shi Feng had also finally fled out of the Ancient God's Arm's influence. Immediately, he unfurled the Legendary Legacy Scroll in his hands, causing it to split apart into countless fragments. Then, these fragments formed a silvery-gray space-time fissure in front of him.

The instant the space-time fissure formed, Shi Feng immediately jumped into it without waiting for it to stabilize and vanished from the Ancient God Graveyard.

Even after Shi Feng had disappeared, the countless arcs of lightning continued devouring everything in their path. By the time the lightning arcs subsided, the land they traversed looked as if it had never existed…

TL Notes:

For reference, this is what Shi Feng got when he became a Tier 4 Blade Saint:

(Taken from Chapter 2694)

System: Congratulations! You have become a Tier 4 Blade Saint(Sword Emperor). You have activated the Apex Legacy Core. All Basic Attributes +2,000, all Resistances +150, Mana recovery rate increased by 100%, all physical and magical attacks received that are below Tier 4 will be weakened by 30%, all Basic Attributes increased by 100%, and Physique increased by 150%. Rewarding 100 Legacy Skill Points.

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