Chapter 91 - Gathering of Monsters?
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A moment later, Shi Feng led the three youths to the largest combat room in the Candlelight Hotel's basement.

At this time, six people had already gathered inside the combat room with a radius of a hundred yards. Of them, five were young men and women around 17. All five of these youths were only at Level 102, which was the current average for mainstream players, and they were also geared in nothing more than Fine-Gold Equipment. Meanwhile, these youths behaved like frightened rabbits as they stood before a masked female Assassin.

When Hidden Soul saw Shi Feng entering the room with three unfamiliar faces, she asked in surprise, "Are these three the test opponents?"

At a glance, Hidden Soul could tell that Dusk Cliff and the others were already close to reaching the Refinement Realm standard. So long as they could make it a habit to remove all of their unnecessary movements, they would reach the Refinement Realm.

For these three youths to reach such a standard at such a young age was quite an amazing feat, and they could already barely be considered geniuses if put in the various superpowers. Normally, the various superpowers would've long since snatched up such youths, so it'd be incredibly difficult to find even one of them unaffiliated to any Guilds. Yet, Shi Feng had found three of such talents.

"Mhm. Will they do?" Shi Feng asked.

"They'll do." Hidden Soul nodded. "Let's begin right away, then.'

Meanwhile, when the trio in question overheard Shi Feng and Hidden Soul talking about them in such a casual manner, they felt their blood pressure rising.

"Alright." Turning toward the trio, Shi Feng pointed at Wu Lingling's group of five and said, "You will fight the five of them together. There won't be any restrictions imposed."

"The five of them?"

Dusk Cliff and the others couldn't help but be a little confused when they turned to look at Wu Lingling's group.

Not only was there a significant gap in equipment standards between their two groups, but there was also a huge gap in combat standards. Based on their observation, they could say with certainty that nobody in Wu Lingling's group had reached the Refinement Realm standard.

With such a huge disparity, even one of them could take on Wu Lingling's group of five, let alone all three of them.

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It should be known that they were graduates of Advanced God's Domain Academies. Taking on a bunch of freshmen was a piece of cake for them.

Rather than a test, it'd be more appropriate to call this a bullying session.

However, Dusk Cliff and the others didn't put too much thought into the matter as they quickly got into battle positions.

"Don't blame us for this. This is the Guild Leader's instructions," Dusk Cliff said, expressing his helplessness as he looked at Wu Lingling's group of five.

The requirement of their respective Guilds' higher-ups was for them to become core members in Zero Wing. Now that they were only internal members, they'd have to perform well and prove their worth if they wished to become core members quickly.

Meanwhile, Wu Lingling and the others didn't say anything in response to Dusk Cliff's words. Instead, all five of them quickly got into position, none of them daring to make even the slightest mistake. After experiencing how scary Hidden Soul could be, none of them wanted to experience it for a second time…


After seeing that everyone was in position, Hidden Soul started the combat room's battle mode.

Immediately, Dusk Cliff and the others drew their weapons and got ready to take action against Wu Lingling and the others.

Meanwhile, as if Hidden Soul's words had triggered something in them, a crazed look suddenly appeared in the eyes of Wu Lingling and the others. Then, before Dusk Cliff's group could react, Wu Lingling the Swordsman activated her Berserk Skill that doubled her Basic Attributes and sent out over a dozen sword lights that locked onto her opponents' vitals.

At the same time, Xiao Yuheng the Ranger and Liu Yuecheng the Cleric also activated their Berserk Skills. Then, Xiao Yuheng started raining arrows down on Dusk Cliff's group while Liu Yuecheng summoned light barriers to surround the trio.

As for Lu Wuxuan the Guardian Knight and Qin Wuchen the Assassin, they had also activated their respective Berserk Skills and appeared in front of Dusk Cliff's group…


Dusk Cliff's group was startled by this situation. They didn't think Wu Lingling's group would be so crazy and scary. Hurriedly, they activated their Berserk Skills and tried their best to block the five's coordinated attacks.

However, the moment they clashed with Wu Lingling's group, Dusk Cliff and the others realized a scary matter. Rather than academy freshmen, it'd be more appropriate to describe the five juniors in front of them as reckless little monsters.

The coordination between the five was excellent, and the way they chained their attacks was seamless. It was as if the five of them were of one body, and they didn't even need to look to know what each other was doing. They had also flawlessly used each other's Skills and Spells to their own advantage.

However, this still wasn't the most frightening matter.

What was even more astonishing was their combat standards. Even though Wu Lingling and the others looked like they were only 17-year-olds, all five of them were already close to reaching the Half-step Refinement Realm. Or, more specifically, they could already exert fine control over their four limbs. Wu Lingling, in particular, was at the Half-step Refinement Realm already.

Subsequently, in less than 30 seconds, all three members of Dusk Cliff's group collapsed to the ground, while everyone in Wu Lingling's group remained alive…

What kind of place is Zero Wing? How can a new Guild produce such a group of little monsters?

Even after Dusk Cliff and the others got resurrected, none of them could believe the outcome of the battle.

These were 17-year-olds they were talking about!

When the three of them were at this age, even the Trial Tower's sixth-floor early stage was far out of their reach, let alone the Half-step Refinement Realm. Yet, now…

Out of the group of five juniors before them, four already possessed combat standards nearing the seventh floor's early stage. One of them even reached the Half-step Refinement Realm standard already.

After factoring in their perfect coordination, they could probably hold their ground against even a Refinement Realm expert.

Meanwhile, after experiencing this fight, Dusk Cliff and the others gradually understood why their two Guilds had tasked them with infiltrating Zero Wing. The Guild known as Zero Wing definitely wasn't as simple as they thought.

In reality, let alone Dusk Cliff's group, even Shi Feng couldn't help but be astonished when he saw how the fight turned out. He didn't expect Hidden Soul to be such a capable trainer.

It had only been a few days since Wu Lingling and the others started training under Hidden Soul. Yet, now, the combat experience they showed already surpassed what Blackie and the others possessed. Moreover, they had already practiced the exercise he taught them to a very high level of proficiency, and the way they utilized their Skills and Spells even made use of some of the Flowing Water Realm's principles.

At this rate, it probably wouldn't take more than half a month before all five of them reached the Refinement Realm.

Meanwhile, Hidden Soul nodded her head and said, "Not bad. Since all of you passed the test, we can end your training for today. From tomorrow onwards, we'll be conducting your training outdoors."

Upon hearing Hidden Soul's words, Wu Lingling and the others loosened their breaths simultaneously. Their tense expressions also relaxed significantly.

"We finally passed," Wu Lingling said as she patted her chest. Then, she smiled at Qin Wuchen and the others, saying, "Thank goodness our opponents this time weren't strong. I don't ever want to experience getting killed thousands of times again."

"..." Dusk Cliff and the others couldn't help but feel offended as they looked at Wu Lingling. Yet, they had no words to say back to her.

"..." Shi Feng also couldn't help but take a look at the resurrected trio before him.

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