Chapter 92 - That’s Right, She Is Only an Outer Member
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 92 - That’s Right, She Is Only an Outer Member

After the test was over, Wu Lingling and the others logged out of the game to rest. They had been training continuously for a long time before the test, so all of them were incredibly exhausted now. Not to mention, they also had many things they needed to do tomorrow.

Meanwhile, after Wu Lingling's group left, Shi Feng turned toward Dusk Cliff's group and said, "I heard from Blackie that you three wanted to become Zero Wing's core members?"


Dusk Cliff and the others turned to look at Shi Feng, their eyes full of wariness. Even so, their voices did not contain any hesitation when they spoke.

After their fight with Wu Lingling's group, they came to understand that the seemingly ordinary man before them definitely wasn't ordinary at all.

This was because the moment they stepped inside this combat room, they immediately noticed how powerful and extraordinary of an existence Hidden Soul was.

Even though Hidden Soul was clearly standing there, none of them could perceive her presence. Although they had never come across such a situation before, they knew that anyone capable of accomplishing such a feat absolutely possessed incredibly high combat standards. This was because even the Tier 5 Assassins they had come across in their respective Guilds were incapable of erasing their presence to such an extent. In other words, Hidden Soul should be top-tier even among Tier 5 experts.

Yet, despite being such a powerful expert, Hidden Soul was not Zero Wing's Guild Leader. Moreover, based on the conversation they overheard, it would seem that this female Assassin was answering to Shi Feng's instructions.

God's Domain was a world where the strong were respected. No matter how respected a Guild's Guild Leader was, so long as this Guild Leader lacked strength, experts stronger than the Guild Leader would, at most, treat the Guild Leader as an equal. There was no way these experts would behave like obedient underlings.

The fact that Hidden Soul was following Shi Feng's orders without question meant that Zero Wing's Guild Leader was stronger than this female Assassin, and under no circumstances should they underestimate him.

Meanwhile, few players in God's Domain would join a Guild without desiring to climb to a high position in the Guild. In the rare case that such players appeared, there was a high chance that they were spies. Hence, rather than deny Shi Feng's question, it'd be best if they openly acknowledged it instead.

"Not bad. It's good to have ambition." Shi Feng nodded.

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