Chapter 92 - That’s Right, She Is Only an Outer Member
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 92 - That’s Right, She Is Only an Outer Member

After the test was over, Wu Lingling and the others logged out of the game to rest. They had been training continuously for a long time before the test, so all of them were incredibly exhausted now. Not to mention, they also had many things they needed to do tomorrow.

Meanwhile, after Wu Lingling's group left, Shi Feng turned toward Dusk Cliff's group and said, "I heard from Blackie that you three wanted to become Zero Wing's core members?"


Dusk Cliff and the others turned to look at Shi Feng, their eyes full of wariness. Even so, their voices did not contain any hesitation when they spoke.

After their fight with Wu Lingling's group, they came to understand that the seemingly ordinary man before them definitely wasn't an ordinary person. This was because the moment they stepped inside this combat room, they immediately noticed how powerful and extraordinary of an existence she was.

Even though Hidden Soul was clearly standing there, none of them could perceive her presence. Although they had never come across such a situation before, they knew that anyone capable of accomplishing such a feat absolutely possessed incredibly high combat standards. This was because even the Tier 5 Assassins they had come across in their respective Guilds were incapable of erasing their presence to such an extent. In other words, Hidden Soul should be top-tier even among Tier 5 experts.

Yet, despite being such a powerful expert, Hidden Soul was not Zero Wing's Guild Leader. Moreover, based on the conversation they overheard, it would seem that this female Assassin was answering to Shi Feng's instructions.

God's Domain was a world where the strong were respected. No matter how respected a Guild's Guild Leader was, so long as this Guild Leader lacked strength, experts stronger than the Guild Leader would, at most, treat the Guild Leader as an equal. There was no way these experts would behave like obedient underlings.

The fact that Hidden Soul was following Shi Feng's orders without question meant that Zero Wing's Guild Leader was stronger than this female Assassin, and under no circumstances should they underestimate him.

Meanwhile, few players in God's Domain would join a Guild without desiring to climb to a high position in the Guild. In the rare case that such players appeared, there was a high chance that they were spies. Hence, rather than deny Shi Feng's question, it'd be best if they openly acknowledged it instead.

"Not bad. It's good to have ambition." Shi Feng nodded.

"???" Dusk Cliff and the others were momentarily stunned by Shi Feng's response.

What did he mean?

Also, why did it feel like Shi Feng had touched a nerve in them?

"Do you see her?" Shi Feng suddenly asked as he turned toward Hidden Soul.


Dusk Cliff and the others also turned toward Hidden Soul, feeling a little confused by Shi Feng's question.

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"Mhm." Nodding, Shi Feng said, "She is currently an outer member of Zero Wing."

"Outer member? Her?!"

Dusk Cliff and the others couldn't help but widen their eyes in shock, feeling as if Shi Feng was playing a joke on them. After all, how could an expert, who they suspected to be at the peak of Tier 5, be only an outer member of Zero Wing?

Hidden Soul: "..."

"That's right." Looking at the trio, Shi Feng said, "But you don't need to be surprised. The only reason she is an outer member is because she wants Zero Wing's Mana Technique Legacy but doesn't want to get tied down by restrictions."

"The thing about exchanging for Mana Techniques was true?!"

Dawn Cliff and the others were shocked. They originally thought Blackie was joking with them when he told them that the Guild offered a Mana Technique for exchange. After all, Mana Techniques were incredibly precious resources, and even the various superpowers' top-tier geniuses wouldn't necessarily be able to get their hands on one.

Yet, now that a suspected Tier 5 expert had joined Zero Wing for the specific purpose of exchanging Zero Wing's Mana Technique, it proved that the matter of Zero Wing offering a Mana Technique Legacy for exchange was true. Moreover, the Mana Technique in question should be beyond the standard fare. Otherwise, there was no way someone of Hidden Soul's caliber would want it so much that she'd willingly join a small Guild like Zero Wing. After all, the various superpowers would be more than willing to offer her a Mana Technique should she choose to join them.

"Of course." Shi Feng calmly said. "If you can get your hands on that Mana Technique Legacy, not only can you reach Tier 4 in a short time, but you can also establish a sturdy foundation for Tier 5. However, you'll need a significant amount of GCPs to exchange it. Even if you three are internal members now, the technique will still cost you eight million GCPs, so you'll have to work hard if you want it."

"Establish a foundation for Tier 5?"

When Dusk Cliff and the others heard Shi Feng's words, a passionate flame ignited in their eyes.

With their talent, the three of them were confident in reaching Tier 4. Reaching Tier 5 was too difficult of a feat, and the chances of them succeeding were incredibly slim.

Meanwhile, every Tier 5 expert was an existence standing at the apex of God's Domain, and even the various superpowers would treat Tier 5 experts as VIPs. If they could get promoted to Tier 5 in the future, they would instantly ascend to the peak of life.

Meanwhile, after Shi Feng offered some words of encouragement to Dusk Cliff's group, the trio also went about doing their own things, leaving only Shi Feng and Hidden Soul inside the combat room.

"You treat your subordinates very well," Hidden Soul said, feeling a little surprised.

"They're not my subordinates," Shi Feng said, shaking his head. "Or, more precisely, they're not true members of Zero Wing, but rather spies from other Guilds."

"???" Hidden Soul was stunned.

"You know that Zero Wing is very poor. The Guild has hardly any money and resources right now," Shi Feng calmly said. "If I don't give them some encouragement and tell them that the Guild offers Mana Techniques for exchange, would the Guilds behind them willingly send money and resources our way?"

It should be known that 20-year-old Half-step Refinement Realm experts were considered geniuses even by the various superpowers' standards. Yet, three such geniuses had chosen to join Zero Wing instead of a superpower. No matter how one looked at it, there was no way this situation was normal. Otherwise, he wouldn't have bothered wasting so much effort into nurturing Wu Lingling and the others.

"..." Hidden Soul had nothing to say. She felt that Shi Feng's words made a lot of sense.

At this time, Shi Feng suddenly received a message. Then, after reading the message, he looked at Hidden Soul and asked, "Do you have time to go out on a trip with me right now?"

"Go out? Now?" Puzzled, Hidden Soul said, "It's going to be nighttime soon. The nights here are very dangerous outside."

"Mhm." Nodding, Shi Feng said sincerely, "That's why I am inviting you."

Hidden Soul: "???"

After opening the system map, Shi Feng pointed at a place several maps away from Hundred Flow City and said, "Don't worry. It isn't a dangerous place. We'll only be making a trip to the Misty Canyon."

When Hidden Soul took a look at where Shi Feng pointed, she couldn't help but ask, "You want to visit a Level 120 map?"

The Miniature Ancient World's level suppression was much stronger than the level suppression on the main continent. Just a difference of five levels would increase a monster's challenge difficulty by one rank. In other words, if players tried to challenge a Great Lord that was five levels higher, they would essentially be going up against a Grand Lord that was five levels higher. If the monster in question was a Grand Lord, its challenge difficulty would increase to that of a Grand Lord ranked Archaic Species.

If players fought against monsters 15 levels higher, an ordinary Great Lord's challenge difficulty would directly increase to that of a Mythic monster.

In response to Hidden Soul's question, Shi Feng canceled the concealment effects of his Black Cloak.

"..." When Hidden Soul saw Shi Feng's level of 105, she realized that he actually possessed the ability to visit the Misty Canyon. Then, after pondering for a moment, she said, "Five hundred thousand points."

As a Tier 5 expert rivaling Tier 6 God-ranked experts, her services did not come cheap. It was especially true when she needed 40 million points to exchange for the Holy Annihilation Mana Technique.

"Deal. Let's go," Shi Feng said without bothering to negotiate prices. Then, he made his way out of the combat room.

Did I ask for too little? Hidden Soul was a little stunned when she saw Shi Feng's decisiveness. However, she still quickly sorted out her equipment and followed Shi Feng.

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TL Notes:
A summary to all the changes I've made relating to Laura Crader and her adventurer team:

1) Laura's nickname/ID --- Shimmering Sword

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