Chapter 90 - Hidden Foundation
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The spy trio fell into a daze as they looked at Blackie's slightly chubby body.

"What about elite members?" the Berserker youth asked.

"Refinement Realm…" Blackie repeated, scratching his head awkwardly.

The trio was rendered speechless by Blackie's words. Didn't this basically mean that only Refinement Realm experts were allowed to join Zero Wing?

"Cliff, do you think this person saw through our intentions?" the female Elementalist secretly asked through the team chat.

It should be known that if a Refinement Realm expert chose to join a first-rate Guild, they would immediately be accepted into the Guild's main force and given the position of core members. Yet, now, newly-recruited Refinement Realm experts could only become elite members in Zero Wing. No matter how she looked at this situation, it was simply absurd.

"I don't think so. We were only asking about Zero Wing's recruitment standards. We have never specifically expressed our intention to join Zero Wing," the Berserker youth named Dusk Cliff replied.

"What should we do, then?" the female Elementalist asked in exasperation. "This Guild is simply insane."

The robust Guardian Knight nodded in agreement. If he wasn't here on a mission assigned by his Guild's higher-ups, he would've cursed at Blackie already.

"Refinement Realm? Aren't your standards a little too high?" After giving the matter some thought, Dusk Cliff looked back at Blackie and asked, "The three of us are at the seventh floor's middle-stage standard. What position will we be given if we join your Guild?"

"You can become internal members so long as you accumulate enough Guild Contributions," Blackie said in embarrassment. If it weren't for Shi Feng's maddening requirements, Zero Wing could've more or less recruited some expert players by now.

"Internal members?"

The spy trio breathed out a sigh of relief when they heard Blackie's words. At the very least, they could still join Zero Wing with their strength. Had Blackie said that the minimum requirement to join was also the Refinement Realm

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