Chapter 89 - Small Guild?
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Hundred Flow City, Teleportation Hall:

At this time, three players geared in Level 100 Dark-Gold Equipment Sets walked out of the Teleportation Hall and entered the restaurant opposite the Candlelight Hotel. Then, while having a light meal, they scrutinized the Candlelight Hotel across the street.

If someone were to carefully observe these three players, they would find that despite looking only around 20 years old, these three players radiated an aura of sharpness and confidence that one would rarely find on ordinary experts. In addition, all three of them were Half-step Refinement Realm experts.

"Is that where Zero Wing's members are resting?" a male Berserker carrying a spear on his back asked while scrutinizing the dilapidated hotel across the street. Then, a look of surprise flashed across his eyes as he muttered, "What a strange hotel…"

Although the Candlelight Hotel looked dilapidated and inferior to the other brand new hotels in the city, the number of players entering the establishment was astonishingly high. He had already spotted several players entering the Candlelight Hotel in just one minute. Even more surprising was that these people had entered the hotel sneakily and hurriedly. These people would look around their surroundings, making sure that nobody was paying attention to them before swiftly entering the hotel.

"It's normal for it to be strange. Otherwise, there'd be no reason why the higher-ups of our two Guilds would ask us to infiltrate the place, right?" a female Elementalist with a refreshing appearance said, a look of interest appearing on her face as she looked at the Candlelight Hotel.

"That's right." The last of the trio, a robust male Guardian Knight, nodded. Then, in an excited tone, he said, "So long as we can join Zero Wing and become Zero Wing's core members, we'll be able to join the ranks of executives and receive priority training from our Guilds."

"I really don't know what the higher-ups are thinking. Why would they have us of all people infiltrate a Guild? Shouldn't this job be

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