Chapter 89 - Small Guild?
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Hundred Flow City, Teleportation Hall:

At this time, three players geared in Level 100 Dark-Gold Equipment Sets walked out of the Teleportation Hall and entered the restaurant opposite the Candlelight Hotel. Then, while having a light meal, they scrutinized the Candlelight Hotel across the street.

If someone were to carefully observe these three players, they would find that despite looking only around 20 years old, these three players radiated an aura of sharpness and confidence that one would rarely find on ordinary experts. In addition, all three of them were Half-step Refinement Realm experts.

"Is that where Zero Wing's members are resting?" a male Berserker carrying a spear on his back asked while scrutinizing the dilapidated hotel across the street. Then, a look of surprise flashed across his eyes as he muttered, "What a strange hotel…"

Although the Candlelight Hotel looked dilapidated and inferior to the other brand new hotels in the city, the number of players entering the establishment was astonishingly high. He had already spotted several players entering the Candlelight Hotel in just one minute. Even more surprising was that these people had entered the hotel sneakily and hurriedly. These people would look around their surroundings, making sure that nobody was paying attention to them before swiftly entering the hotel.

"It's normal for it to be strange. Otherwise, there'd be no reason why the higher-ups of our two Guilds would ask us to infiltrate the place, right?" a female Elementalist with a refreshing appearance said, a look of interest appearing on her face as she looked at the Candlelight Hotel.

"That's right." The last of the trio, a robust male Guardian Knight, nodded. Then, in an excited tone, he said, "So long as we can join Zero Wing and become Zero Wing's core members, we'll be able to join the ranks of executives and receive priority training from our Guilds."

"I really don't know what the higher-ups are thinking. Why would they have us of all people infiltrate a Guild? Shouldn't this job be left to those outer elite members?" the Berserker youth said, a pondering look on his face. "It's excessive to do this even for another first-rate Guild, let alone a newly-established Guild."

The three of them ranked among the top five of their respective Guilds' new recruits this year. They were also graduates of top-tier God's Domain Academies. Yet, instead of providing them with proper training, their Guilds had tasked them with infiltrating a newly-established Guild. Even the various superpowers wouldn't dare to take such an extravagant action.

"Why are you thinking so much about it?" the female Elementalist asked as she glanced at the Berserker youth. Then, she happily said, "Judging by how suddenly the higher-ups gathered us this time, they probably didn't have a lot of time to prepare and decided to have us fresh graduates take on this job instead. Not only do we have a clean resume, but we'll also have an easier time getting accepted as core members in a small Guild like Zero Wing. This is a transaction that's beneficial to our Guilds and ourselves. Rather than complain, we'd be better off trying to finish our task as quickly as possible."

The robust Guardian Knight nodded, expressing his agreement with the Elementalist.

"I guess you're right." After thinking it over, the Berserker felt he might have been overcomplicating things. "In that case, let's finish our meals and hurry inside. The sooner we join Zero Wing, the sooner we'll be able to finish the higher-ups' task."

Afterward, the trio quickly finished their meals, replenishing their Stamina and Concentration back to full. Then, they crossed the street and entered the Candlelight Hotel.

However, the moment the trio entered the Candlelight Hotel, they couldn't help but be startled.

"What dense Mana!"

Although the Mana outside was already plenty dense, the density of the Mana inside the Candlelight Hotel was even more terrifying. Standing inside the hotel made them feel like they were standing inside a cloud of mist made up of Mana. Their thoughts became much clearer and calmer as soon as they entered the building.

"How may I help the three of you?" Blakeana the NPC asked with a smile when she saw the trio entering the hotel.

"We are here to join Zero Wing," the Berserker said, getting straight to the point.

"Very well. Zero Wing's registration booth is over there," Blakeana said as she pointed at a corner of the lobby.

At this moment, there was not a soul standing in front of Zero Wing's registration booth. The only person at the booth was a bored-looking man dressed in a dark-gray robe. Judging by the booth's state, it didn't seem like Zero Wing was a Guild worthy of two top-tier first-rate Guilds' attention.

However, the trio didn't put too much thought into the matter. After all, this was their Guilds' instructions. No matter how terrible Zero Wing was, they still needed to join it.

Immediately, the trio approached the registration booth.

"Are you three here to join Zero Wing?"

When Blackie saw the three youths approaching the booth, his eyes promptly glowed in excitement.


It had already been hours since he had set up this booth!

Yet, not even one person had come forth to ask about joining Zero Wing throughout this time. Now that three people had come forth simultaneously, Blackie was so moved that he was about to break into tears.

"Mhm. The three of us just graduated from our respective academies. We plan to develop in Hundred Flow City, so we are looking to join a Guild," the Berserker youth said, nodding. "But the three of us do not wish to become cannon fodder. We want to become core members directly. May I know what the requirement is to become a core member?"

The female Elementalist and robust Guardian Knight also nodded to express their agreement with the Berserker youth's words.

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In the current state of God's Domain, it'd be incredibly difficult for small Guilds to recruit new members. It was especially true for graduates of God's Domain Academies. Even if a fresh graduate chose to join a small Guild, they would typically ask to become core members directly. Otherwise, they could simply join a large Guild and become an internal member there instead.

"You want to become core members directly?" Blackie grew a little embarrassed when he heard the Berserker youth's words. "This… I'm afraid it'll be difficult to fulfill your demand…"

"Difficult?" Smiling nonchalantly, the Berserker youth said, "You can rest assured of our strength. Our equipment might not look like much, but we are confident in our combat standards. May I know what's the combat standard requirement to become a core member in your Guild? Is it the seventh floor's early stage? Or the seventh floor's middle stage?"

For the typical small Guild, players would only need to reach the Trial Tower's sixth-floor late-stage to become a core member. Even if Zero Wing was a unique case, there was no way its requirement would exceed the seventh-floor early stage.

Meanwhile, as Half-step Refinement Realm experts, the three of them could clear even the seventh-floor late-stage. With their current combat standards, they could even become core members in second-rate Guilds, let alone a small Guild like Zero Wing.

In response, Blackie looked at the three youths for some time before awkwardly saying, "Refinement Realm…"

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