Chapter 88 - Famous
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After Shi Feng and his team left the cavern, Stalwart Bear couldn't help but turn to Crimson Heart and asked, "What do you think of that God-ranked expert?"

"If even you don't know him, do you think I would?" Crimson Heart said, rolling her eyes.

"Out of the God-ranked experts and Tier 5 experts capable of reaching Tier 6, none of them resemble him," Stalwart Bear said with a pondering look. "I suspect that he doesn't belong to our God's Domain."

"Indeed, the possibility is high," Crimson Heart said, agreeing with Stalwart Bear's opinion. There were only so many Tier 6 God-ranked experts and Tier 5 experts with the potential to reach Tier 6 in the game, and everyone belonging to the upper echelons of God's Domain more or less knew of these people. So, it didn't make sense that an unknown Tier 6 God-ranked expert had suddenly appeared out of thin air. "If that's the case, it might be worth befriending this person."

A Tier 6 God-ranked expert not belonging to any local power could become a weapon of mass destruction in the Miniature Ancient World. If they could befriend Shi Feng, once it came time for the various powers to compete with each other, their two Guilds could hold a massive advantage in the competition. After all, there was no way any Tier 6 God-ranked expert from the main continent would enter the Miniature Ancient World. They had much more important things to do than retrain their accounts from Tier 3.

"I'm afraid it won't be convenient for Nature Hall to approach that guy," Stalwart Bear said. Then, he turned toward Cleansed Rue and smiled, saying, "I heard that you have tried to invite Su Qianliu to Hundred Flower Palace several times before, Miss Rue. In that case, you should have a good relationship with Su Qianliu, right? That Su Qianliu looks like she shares a close relationship with that person, so we will have to rely on you for this matter."

"Me?" Cleansed Rue was a little stunned when she heard Stalwart Bear's words.

"We can only rely on you now, Rue," Crimson Heart said, seconding Stalwart Bea

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