Chapter 87 - True Monster
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"He died…"

"I must be dreaming! How can he kill a hundred Refinement Realm experts in one move?! This must be a dream!"

Hundred Flower Palace's and Nature Hall's members couldn't help but doubt their eyes when they saw One-eyed Ghost and the 100 Refinement Realm experts evaporating from the battlefield.

They were aware that massive gaps could exist even between Tier 3 experts. Take One-eyed Ghost, for example. They were unlikely to beat him even if they ganged up on him. However, even though they couldn't beat him, they could see and understand why they were inferior to him.

The current situation, though, was something they couldn't even understand…

At this time, let alone the two Guilds' experts, even Su Qianliu and the others were flabbergasted by this situation. The attack Shi Feng just executed had already exceeded their common sense of what a Tier 3 player was capable of, and it was something none of them had seen before.

"What just happened, Big Sis Rue?! Why couldn't I sense even a bit of Mana fluctuation coming from him just now?!" Rain Song asked as she turned to Cleansed Rue, her eyes filled with shock and confusion. "That attack's power was close to reaching the Tier 4 Peak standard! How can a Tier 3 player like him unleash such power without using any Tier 3 Super Skills?!"

Space in God's Domain was incredibly stable, and attacks would typically have to reach the Tier 4 Peak standard to shatter space into oblivion. Unless a Tier 3 player used a Tier 3 Ancient Super Skill or Spell, it should be impossible for them to achieve such power.

However, Rain Song had failed to sense any Mana fluctuations coming from Shi Feng just now. In other words, Shi Feng had unleashed that extraordinary attack just now without employing the use of any Skills or Spells. Instead, he had relied entirely on his techniques to execute that attack.

Even as someone who used to be at the peak of Tier 4, Rain Song had never heard of a Tier 3 player being able to execute an attack at the Tier 4 Peak standard.

"He should've used some k

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