Chapter 86 - One Sword to Reach the Apex!
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 86 - One Sword to Reach the Apex!

"It seems I have really underestimated you. I did not think a Domain Realm expert would settle down in a small Guild. It explains why Su Qianliu dared to openly challenge us," One-eyed Ghost coldly said as he looked at Shi Feng's cloaked figure. "However, don't you think you are being overconfident if you think you can provoke our two Guilds?"

After saying so, One-eyed Ghost suddenly vanished from everyone's vision.

However, unlike before, One-eyed Ghost's disappearance this time also caused the surrounding Mana to grow rampant, and even space itself had started trembling.

"I want to see how many times you can stop my attacks!"

After learning that Shi Feng wasn't an ordinary expert, One-eyed Ghost stopped holding back, choosing to unleash his Mana Domain immediately. Then, in conjunction with his Bronze Footwork, he activated his Tier 3 Legacy Skill Bloodshadow Thrust.

Bloodshadow Thrust was the fastest sword attack One-eyed Ghost could execute at Tier 3. Upon activating the Skill, One-eyed Ghost would execute thirteen consecutive thrusting attacks, each one faster than the one before. When paired with Phantom Ghost, even Stalwart Bear, one of the Five Blades, wouldn't dare to face One-eyed Ghost directly. This was because the speed of this attack simply wasn't something one could respond to with a Tier 3 physique.

Meanwhile, after One-eyed Ghost vanished from everyone's vision, the only sign indicating that he was still here were the streaks of red light zipping around the battlefield.

One streak…

Three streaks…

Seven streaks…

Each streak of red light that appeared moved faster than the other. Even spatial tears had started appearing around the battlefield by the ninth streak.

When Shi Feng saw the thirteen red light streaks coming for him, he revealed a faint smile. Then, after entering a casual stance, he started brandishing the Winter of Eternal Night.

Sword's Transmigration!

Immediately, sword lights also appeared around Shi Feng one after another and clashed with the oncoming red light streaks.

Boom… Boom… Bo

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