Chapter 85 - Determining Superiority in One Battle
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 85 - Determining Superiority in One Battle

Su Qianliu couldn't help but smile bitterly in her heart when she looked at One-eyed Ghost and the 100-plus Refinement Realm experts around them.

The current situation was completely outside of her expectations.

She had never thought that the Guild Shi Feng created would have such a strong foundation. She also didn't expect Shi Feng to set his eyes on the Primordial Demon Court, something which Hundred Flower Palace and Nature Hall had already set their sights on, and clear it in Hell Mode.

Every one of these miracles was essentially a provocation for the two first-rate Guilds.

Although Su Qianliu could empathize with the two Guilds, she really wanted to say one thing to One-eyed Ghost right now:

She really didn't do it on purpose…

However, Su Qianliu also understood that nothing would change even if she said that now. This was because Zero Wing had already acquired the Primordial Demon Court. If Zero Wing wished to retain ownership over the Primordial Demon Court, it would have to fight against the two first-rate Guilds.

After letting out a deep sigh, Su Qianliu said in the team chat," Guild Leader, I will distract One-eyed Ghost with Firecloud. I doubt Crimson Heart, Stalwart Bear, and Cleansed Rue would hurry to take action. If everyone on the team scatters and flees, it is unlikely the three of them will pay attention to you. At that time, try to break out of the encirclement. So long as you can break through, our efforts today will not go to waste."

Firecloud also nodded in agreement. Although they were currently suppressed by a magic barrier, with the effects of their Tier 3 Primordial Mana Equipment Set, he should have no problems holding One-eyed Ghost back for some time if he worked together with Su Qianliu. After all, they could already exhibit power at the Tier 4 standard with their Tier 3 Skills and Spells. With him holding the line at the front and Su Qianliu launching Spells at the back, it was entirely possible for them to clash against a monster-level expert like One-eyed Ghost.

Hearing Su Qianliu's words, Blackie and the others also readied themselves to put their lives on the line.

However, after seeing everyone's resolve, Shi Feng casually looked at One-eyed Ghost and said, "No need to go through such trouble. If these are all the forces they have here, they cannot stop me."

After saying so, Shi Feng started walking step by step toward One-eyed Ghost.

"Guild Leader?"

Su Qianliu was stunned when she saw Shi Feng walking toward One-eyed Ghost. She never thought Shi Feng could settle for a frontal confrontation.

However, before Su Qianliu could react to the situation, Shi Feng had already moved within ten yards of One-eyed Ghost.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng's words and actions had also surprised the two first-rate Guilds' members.

"We cannot stop you? What bold words you have there, punk!" One-eyed Ghost's eyes twitched, his expression turning grim as he looked at Shi Feng. He never thought that some no-name ant would dare disregard him to such an extent. "It seems you are eager to die first! In that case, I'll grant you your wish!"

After saying so, One-eyed Ghost swung his crimson greatsword, sending several crescent blades flying at Shi Feng.

Advanced Combat Technique, Fragmented Moon!

"The vice commander is really mad now. He actually used one of his ultimate moves right off the bat."

"That's right! With this, that kid won't last more than a move."

Nature Hall's members couldn't help but be awed when they saw the crescent blades flying toward Shi Feng.

Fragmented Moon was one of One-eyed Ghost's ultimate moves, and it merged four sword lights to form one crescent blade. Although One-eyed Ghost was only at Tier 3 right now, every crescent blade he unleashed carried power at the Tier 4 standard. This move simply wasn't a move ordinary experts could block.

Even if a well-equipped Tier 3 Berserker received one of these crescent blades with their weapon, they would get knocked back by over a dozen steps. A Swordsman like Shi Feng would fare even worse if he tried to block those crescent blades.

Subsequently, when the crescent blades were about to reach Shi Feng, Shi Feng suddenly brandished the Winter of Eternal Night.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

A series of metallic sounds echoed throughout the cavern.

To everyone's surprise, not only did Shi Feng shatter the several crescent blades, but he had done so without taking even half a step back. He behaved as if nothing had happened, and he looked at One-eyed Ghost as if saying: Is this all you got?

"Good! It seems you're not all talk!" One-eyed Ghost's expression turned chilly when he saw Shi Feng neutralizing his attack. "Let's see how many times you can repeat this!"

Getting serious, One-eyed Ghost suddenly transformed into an afterimage.

Bronze Footwork, Phantom Ghost!

For a time, One-eyed Ghost started appearing and disappearing around Shi Feng like a ghost. The afterimages he left behind looked incredibly realistic, making it impossible for others to pinpoint his real body.

"What speed!"

Firecloud's expression grew heavy as he watched One-eyed Ghost flickering around the battlefield. Previously, he thought that he could match One-eyed Ghost for a moment if he worked together with Su Qianliu. However, looking at things now, he realized that he had been very naive. Currently, he couldn't even keep up with One-eyed Ghost with his eyes, let alone stop him…

Meanwhile, after the afterimages increased to a critical number, they suddenly sent sword lights flying at Shi Feng from multiple directions.

Is this the strength of one of the Eight Sword Meisters? Su Qianliu felt her scalp tingling when she saw the numerous sword lights striking at Shi Feng from different directions. Although she had long since known that there was a big gap in strength between her and One-eyed Ghost, she didn't think it would be this huge.

At this time, she couldn't even keep up with One-eyed Ghost's movements, let alone fight him.

Subsequently, just when the countless sword lights were about to cut Shi Feng into shreds, Shi Feng brandished the Winter of Eternal Night once more.


Space exploded, and a shockwave enveloped a radius of several dozen yards around the epicenter.

Immediately afterward, One-eyed Ghost's figure appeared in front of Shi Feng, his crimson greatsword stopped just half a yard away from Shi Feng, unable to proceed even an inch forward.

He blocked it?!

Before anyone realized it, a hint of shock and gravity had appeared on One-eyed Ghost's angry expression. Even Crimson Heart, Stalwart Bear, and Cleansed Rue couldn't help but be surprised and confused as they looked at Shi Feng.

One-eyed Ghost's execution of Phantom Ghost was undoubtedly perfect. When going up against this footwork, unless one possessed extraordinary reaction speed and an absolute perception toward one's surrounding environment, it'd be impossible to stop One-eyed Ghost's attack.

"Isn't the Guild Leader a little too amazing, Big Sis Qianliu?! He's actually holding his ground against one of the Eight Sword Meisters!" Happy Snow exclaimed, her eyes glittering with excitement when she saw Shi Feng holding his ground against One-eyed Ghost.

His strength is on par with a Sword Meister? Su Qianliu also grew ecstatic when she saw Shi Feng coming out unscathed.

At this point, it wouldn't matter even if they lost this battle and had to start a new account. So long as Zero Wing had Shi Feng, it was only a matter of time before it became a first-rate Guild in God's Domain.

"Guild Leader?"

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As for Blackie and the others, they gaped in shock at this scene, feeling as if they were coming to know Shi Feng for the first time.

The strength Shi Feng previously displayed in the Primordial Demon Court was already plenty surprising. However, the strength he currently displayed was on an entirely different level.

This was one of the Eight Sword Meisters they were talking about!

Excluding Tier 6 God-ranked experts, the Eight Sword Meisters were the strongest sword-wielding experts in God's Domain. Every one of them stood at the apex of God's Domain, and they could single-handedly threaten a Guild.

Yet, now, Shi Feng was standing toe-to-toe with a Sword Meister. This meant that he was already standing at the apex of God's Domain. In comparison, Shadow and Lan Hailong were nothing but jokes.

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