Chapter 85 - Determining Superiority in One Battle
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 85 - Determining Superiority in One Battle

Su Qianliu couldn't help but smile bitterly in her heart when she looked at One-eyed Ghost and the 100-plus Refinement Realm experts around them.

The current situation was completely outside of her expectations.

She had never thought that the Guild Shi Feng created would have such a strong foundation. She also didn't expect Shi Feng to set his eyes on the Primordial Demon Court, something which Hundred Flower Palace and Nature Hall had already set their sights on, and clear it in Hell Mode.

Every one of these miracles was essentially a provocation for the two first-rate Guilds.

Although Su Qianliu could empathize with the two Guilds, she really wanted to say one thing to One-eyed Ghost right now:

She really didn't do it on purpose…

However, Su Qianliu also understood that nothing would change even if she said that now. This was because Zero Wing had already acquired the Primordial Demon Court. If Zero Wing wished to retain ownership over the Primordial Demon Court, it would have to fight against the two first-rate Guilds.

After letting out a deep sigh, Su Qianliu said in the team chat," Guild Leader, I will distract One-eyed Ghost with Firecloud. I doubt Crimson Heart, Stalwart Bear, and Cleansed Rue would hurry to take action. If everyone on the team scatters and flees, it is unlikely the three of them will pay attention to you. At that time, try to break out of the encirclement. So long as you can break through, our efforts today will not go to waste."

Firecloud also nodded in agreement. Although they were currently suppressed by a magic barrier, with the effects of their Tier 3 Primordial Mana Equipment Set, he should have no problems holding One-eyed Ghost back for some time if he worked together with Su Qianliu. After all, they could already exhibit power at the Tier 4 standard with their Tier 3 Skills and Spells. With him holding the line at the front and Su Qianliu launching Spells at the back, it was entirely possible for them to clash against a monster-level expert like One-eyed Ghost.

Hearing Su Qianliu's words, Blackie and the others also readied themselves to put their lives on the line.

However, after seeing everyone's resolve, Shi Feng casually looked at One-eyed Ghost and said, "No need to go through such trouble. If these are all the forces they have here, they cannot stop me."

After saying so, Shi Feng started walking step by step toward One-eyed Ghost.

"Guild Leader?"

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