Chapter 84 - Confidence?
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"What?! They actually dared to come out?!"

"Do these people really think that our two Guilds will just let them go after they've cleared the Primordial Demon Court?"

Hundred Flower Palace's and Nature Hall's members couldn't help but be surprised when they saw Shi Feng's team appearing in front of the portal. They never thought that Shi Feng's team would dare come out so soon. The foolishness of these people had gone beyond their imagination.

An Primordial Demon Court in the Miniature Ancient World was a resource that even the various superpowers would go crazy for, let alone first-rate Guilds like Hundred Flower Palace and Nature Hall.

In their opinion, Shi Feng's team must've long since prepared themselves to make an enemy out of their two Guilds, and they must be planning on hiding inside the Primordial Demon Court for some time. After all, the Guild War Order had a limited duration. Even if their two Guilds worked together, they could, at most, seal the region for two days. Once their two Guilds ran out of Guild War Orders to use, they would have to switch to using magic barriers instead. At that time, it was entirely possible for Shi Feng's team to escape.

Yet, now, Shi Feng's team had left the Primordial Demon Court less than an hour after clearing it…

"Wait! Their levels…" Crimson Heart exclaimed, a look of shock appearing on her face when she looked at Su Qianliu and the players around her. Level 105?

Upon hearing Crimson Heart's exclamation, the other members of the two first-rate Guilds also used their respective Identification Skills to check the levels of Zero Wing's members.

"Level 105?! How are their levels so high?!"

"How did they do it?"

Everyone was shocked and confused as they looked at the levels of Zero Wing's members.

In the current Miniature Ancient World, the average level of mainstream players was only Level 102. Even the various superpowers' monsters were nowhere near reaching Level 105.

Past Level 100, every subsequent level-up in God's Domain required a significant amount of EXP. Meanwhile, if players wanted to grind by killing large numbers of Great Lord-ranked monsters, they would typically need to do so in a team. This meant that they would have to share the EXP among multiple players, which would reduce their grinding efficiency. Overall, it would take an expert around three to five days to level up once. Even grinding maniacs would still need around two to three days to level up once. Moreover, this time would further increase as players reached higher levels.

Yet, now, Zero Wing's members were at Level 105 on average. They were at least ten days ahead of the various superpowers' expert teams in terms of leveling progress.

If it were on the main continent, a difference of ten days would be insignificant. However, the Miniature Ancient World had only opened recently. Having a ten-day lead was a massive advantage. Zero Wing's members could even head to Level 110 maps to grind and further widen their advantage.

However, Hundred Flower Palace's and Nature Hall's members weren't the only ones in shock right now. Su Qianliu and the others were similarly given a shock after exiting the Primordial Demon Court.

"Hundred Flower Palace's Crimson Heart!"

"Stalwart Bear of the Five Blades!"

"What's going on?! Why are there so many Tier 5 experts here?!"

Blackie and the others were both excited and nervous when they saw the two first-rate Guilds' members that were glaring at them. This was a situation they had never encountered during the many years they spent in Shadow.

Whether it was Crimson Heart or Stalwart Bear, both were myth-like bigshots in God's Domain. Under normal circumstances, one would have difficulty meeting even one of them. Yet, now, both of them were gathered at the same location. After including the Frostflame Goddess Cleansed Rue and One-eyed Ghost of the Eight Sword Meisters, there were a total of four Tier 5 experts currently gathered here!

Have these two Guilds lost their minds?! They sent nearly half of their Tier 5 experts here just to secure the Primordial Demon Court?! Do they not care about the situation on the main continent anymore?!

Su Qianliu's complexion paled when she saw Crimson Heart and Stalwart Bear. Although she had already expected the two Guilds to blockade the Primordial Demon Court's entrance, she never expected them to be this desperate. Not only did they dispatch Cleansed Rue and One-eyed Ghost, but they had also dispatched Crimson Heart and Stalwart Bear. At this point, the two Guilds had practically dispatched half of their combat power to the Miniature Ancient World. Moreover, they had gathered all of it in front of the Primordial Demon Court.

In this situation, even with the help of the Tier 3 Primordial Mana Equipment Sets, their team would be unlikely to escape…

"Level 105? So this is your confidence."

After both sides remained silent for a moment, a figure suddenly appeared by the teleportation portal. This figure appeared like a ghost, and the aura he radiated also resembled that of a ferocious ghost. Bathed in this aura, Su Qianliu and the others felt as if their bodies had been submerged into a quagmire, and they couldn't help but feel suffocated.

"It seems One-eyed Ghost has made significant improvements again," Crimson Heart commented when she saw One-eyed Ghost charging ahead. Then, she turned to Stalwart Bear and indifferently asked, "The footwork he used is the Bronze Footwork Phantom Ghost, right?"

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"That's right." Stalwart Bear nodded in delight. "Thus far, he and the Guild Leader are the only ones who have mastered it. With this footwork, he should have no problems getting into the top three in the next Sword Meister competition."

While Stalwart Bear was talking, One-eyed Ghost had also executed his footwork again, instantly arriving in front of Su Qianliu and the others like a ghost.

"You have really toyed with our two Guilds, Su Qianliu. It seems all of us have underestimated you," One-eyed Ghost said as he looked at Su Qianliu. Then, he unsheathed the blood-red greatsword on his back and coldly said, "But if you think that you can escape from us just because you have a level advantage, then you are sorely mistaken. You have two options right now. The first is to hand over all of the loot and delete your accounts, and the second is for me to kill you until you delete your accounts! Take your pick!"

As soon as One-eyed Ghost finished speaking, the players maintaining the magic barrier enveloping the area around the portal also strengthened the barrier's output. Now, apart from reducing Zero Wing's members' Basic Attributes by 20%, the barrier also reduced their reaction speed by 20%.

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TL Notes:
A summary to all the changes I've made relating to Laura Crader and her adventurer team:

1) Laura's nickname/ID --- Shimmering Sword

2) Laura's adventurer team is named --- Glimmer


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