Chapter 84 - Confidence?
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"What?! They actually dared to come out?!"

"Do these people really think that our two Guilds will just let them go after they've cleared the Primordial Demon Court?"

Hundred Flower Palace's and Nature Hall's members couldn't help but be surprised when they saw Shi Feng's team appearing in front of the portal. They never thought that Shi Feng's team would dare come out so soon. The foolishness of these people had gone beyond their imagination.

A Primordial Demon Court in the Miniature Ancient World was a resource that even the various superpowers would go crazy for, let alone first-rate Guilds like Hundred Flower Palace and Nature Hall.

In their opinion, Shi Feng's team must've long since prepared themselves to make an enemy out of their two Guilds, and they must be planning on hiding inside the Primordial Demon Court for some time. After all, the Guild War Order had a limited duration. Even if their two Guilds worked together, they could, at most, seal the region for two days. Once their two Guilds ran out of Guild War Orders to use, they would have to switch to using magic barriers instead. At that time, it was entirely possible for Shi Feng's team to escape.

Yet, now, Shi Feng's team had left the Primordial Demon Court less than an hour after clearing it…

"Wait! Their levels…" Crimson Heart exclaimed, a look of shock appearing on her face when she looked at Su Qianliu and the players around her. Level 105?

Upon hearing Crimson Heart's exclamation, the other members of the two first-rate Guilds also used their respective Identification Skills to check the levels of Zero Wing's members.

"Level 105?! How are their levels so high?!"

"How did they do it?"

Everyone was shocked and confused as they looked at the levels of Zero Wing's members.

In the current Miniature Ancient World, the average level of mainstream players was only Level 102. Even the various superpowers' monsters were nowhere near reaching Level 105.

Past Level 100, every subsequent level-up in God's Domain required a significant amount of EXP. Meanwhile

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