Chapter 83 - Zero Wing?
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Meanwhile, outside the Primordial Demon Court, chaos had ensued.

Not long ago, the Glory Tablet outside the Primordial Demon Court had suddenly displayed that Shi Feng's team had cleared the Hell Mode Primordial Demon Court, the tablet listing the names of the players on the team and the Guild the team was affiliated to. Meanwhile, everyone outside the Primordial Demon Court momentarily fell silent upon seeing these names.

"Zero Wing? What is this Guild? Why have I never heard of it?"

"Don't tell me it's the new Guild Su Qianliu's adventurer team joined?"

"That's Hell Mode we are talking about! How can a new Guild clear it?! Could it be a bug?"

The many experts present couldn't believe their eyes when they saw the name of the Guild displayed on the Glory Tablet.

With their team's strength, even clearing Normal Mode is going to be a challenge, so how did they manage to clear Hell Mode? Could it be that the Primordial Demon Court's Hell Mode is only a front? Rain Song wondered as she looked at the pitch-black skull hovering above the entrance portal.

Su Qianliu might have been a Tier 4 expert on the main continent, and her adventurer team might have four or more Refinement Realm experts, but such a team line-up was nothing compared to the various first-rate Guilds' main force. If even first-rate Guilds like Hundred Flower Palace and Nature Hall needed to work together to raid a Primordial Demon Court, there was no way Su Qianliu's team could raid it successfully.

Yet, not only did this insignificant team clear the Primordial Demon Court, but it had also done it on the Hell Mode difficulty. This situation was akin to a mockery of their two Guilds' inability and foolishness…

"Big Sis Rue, do you think that we might have misunderstood the Miniature Ancient World's Primordial Demon Courts?" Rain Song asked, voicing her confusion to Cleansed Rue. "Could it be that the Primordial Demon Courts here are much easier than we believed them to be?"

"We can't exclude that possibility."

Cleansed Rue was also feeling a little dazed

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