Chapter 82 - Astonishing Reward
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When the system notification ended, hundreds of items started raining down from the sky. Every one of these items radiated a dazzling golden glow, some of them even radiating a purplish-golden glow coupled with a frightening amount of Mana.

In a matter of moments, the several hundred items reached the ground and formed a small mountain in front of everyone. Meanwhile, when everyone saw these items, their mouths watered, and their eyes turned red.

"So, this is the loot of a Hell Mode Primordial Demon Court?"

When Blackie saw the many Epic items and several unidentifiable items among the mountain of loot, his eyes widened in shock.

"I doubt even a Superior Mythic's loot can match 10% of the loot here," Happy Snow commented, her eyes glowing in excitement as she looked at the loot mountain.

When their adventurer team had been operating in the Black Dragon Empire, the strongest Boss they had fought was a Superior Mythic. However, the quality of the loot that Superior Mythic dropped was nowhere near being a comparison to the Twin-headed Destruction Snake's loot. Even without checking the exact quality of the items dropped, she could already tell just how amazing the dropped items were simply through the intensity of the Mana they radiated.

The Mana the several unidentifiable items radiated was especially frightening. There was no way these items could be mere Epic items. This left them with only one possibility…

Fragmented Legendary items!

Even after their adventurer team had fought hard in the Black Dragon Empire for many years, they had not obtained even one Fragmented Legendary item before. Yet, now, as many as four Fragmented Legendary items have dropped!

We really hit the jackpot this time.

Shi Feng also couldn't help but grow excited when he scanned the items on the ground. This was because he had noticed two familiar items among the pile of loot. One was the key to the Primordial Demon Court's outer gate, and the other was the teleportation stone for the inner zone. Both these items were crucial in taking control of the Primordial Demon Court.

With these two items, he could turn this Primordial Demon Court into Zero Wing's private playground, and there would be nothing outsiders could do about it.

Immediately, Shi Feng stepped forward and collected these two items.

But these two items I have never seen before…

Shi Feng collected the two other items that radiated a frightening amount of Mana. of the two, one was a dark-gray crystal inscribed with runes, and the other was a sealed wooden box.

Having never seen the two items before, Shi Feng used Appraisal Eyes on them.

How is this possible?!

Shi Feng instantly lost his composure when the two items' stats appeared before him, his eyes colored with shock.

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"Did something good drop, Guild Leader?" Blackie curiously asked when he noticed the shock on Shi Feng's face.

"No, these aren't just good items! These are priceless treasures!" Shi Feng said, laughing as he looked at the two items in his hands.

If these two items were merely Fragmented Legendary items, Shi Feng would've only been a little excited. However, the identity of the two items before him had completely exceeded his expectations. Any one of them could cause the entire God's Domain to go crazy.

The dark-gray crystal was named the Settlement Rune Crystal. Although this item did not have a rank, it was a priceless treasure in the Miniature Ancient World. This was because this crystal could be used to summon an ancient town in any location in the Miniature Ancient World.

At this time, the various powers of God's Domain had yet to even find a place to settle down in the various NPC Cities, let alone establish a foothold outside of NPC Cities. So, the value of an ancient town went without saying.

As for the item sealed inside the wooden box, it was similarly an amazing item.

The Ancient Mana Equipment Set Design!

Unlike the Mana Equipment Set he currently wore, the set recorded in this design did not have its stats restricted to Tier 3. Instead, it followed the rank system of mainstream equipment used in the Greater God's Domain.

The design recorded the production method of two sets. The first set was a Dark-Gold ranked eight-piece set that could be used from Level 100 to Level 120, while the second set was an Epic ranked eight-piece set that could be used from Level 100 to Level 150.

The main material used to produce the Dark-Gold set was Magic Crystals, and 1,000 Magic Crystals were needed for each production attempt. As for the supplementary materials needed, although they were rare, they weren't particularly expensive. Overall, it'd take only around 100 Gold to gather one set of secondary materials.

Although the Dark-Gold Mana Equipment Set's Basic Attributes couldn't compete against the Tier 3 Mana Equipment Set, the bonuses the Dark-Gold set provided was slightly better. Moreover, the Dark-Gold set was a good fit for the Miniature Ancient World's environment. If players equipped the set, they could significantly extend their activity time in the fields.

If he could equip everyone in the Guild with a set, it would boost Zero Wing's speed of development.

"Blackie, once you head back, see if you can recruit a few Master Forgers and Master Alchemists into the Guild," Shi Feng said after giving the matter some thought. "The conditions are negotiable, but make sure to keep everything confidential."

"Master Forgers and Alchemists?" Blackie was a little confused by Shi Feng's request. However, he still nodded and said, "Okay, I'll try to find some afterward, but don't get your hopes up. After all, you know how it is with Lifestyle Masters. Every one of them has a high status in God's Domain."

"It's fine so long as you can get in touch with them," Shi Feng said, smiling.

Afterward, Shi Feng had Su Qianliu and the others sort out the remaining loot, the harvest exciting everyone for a long time.

The Twin-headed Destruction Snake had dropped over 300 items. Eight were Epic items, of which three were weapons and five were equipment. The weapons were a staff, a short sword, and a longbow. All three Epic Weapons could be used from Level 100 to Level 150. Although not as much as the Tier 3 Mana Equipment Set, Blackie and the others still saw a significant improvement to their combat power when they equipped the Epic Weapons.

Apart from the Epic items, the Boss had also dropped various Legendary and Inferior Legendary materials. These were all crucial materials in producing Epic Weapons and Equipment.

However, compared to the weapons, equipment, and materials, what truly excited Su Qianliu and the others were three flutes.

"This Dungeon is simply amazing! I can't believe it drops Fine-Gold and Dark-Gold Mounts!" Firecloud exclaimed, his eyes glowing as he looked at the three differently shaped flutes in Su Qianliu's hand.

Mounts might not be considered rare on the main continent today, but the Miniature Ancient World had only opened recently. So, Mounts were practically non-existent here.

Players were incapable of flight before they reached Tier 4. And even if they could fly, they couldn't fly very fast or long. However, if players managed to acquire a Mount, they could increase their travel speed several times without worrying about Stamina consumption.

Aside from traveling, Mounts could also be used to improve a player's overall combat power. It was especially true for Mounts at the Fine-Gold rank or above. A Fine-Gold Mount might not have superb combat power when summoned, they could provide buffs to players, increasing their combat power by at least 20%. Naturally, a Dark-Gold Mount would be even stronger.

Meanwhile, out of the three Mounts that the Boss had dropped, one was the Dark-Gold ranked Thunder Wolf, and two were the Fine-Gold ranked Shadow Panther.

"This panther looks so cute! Guild Leader, can I have one please?" Happy Snow begged Shi Feng coquettishly after seeing the sample images of the Shadow Panther.

Happy Snow did not ask for the Dark-Gold ranked Thunder Wolf since it would naturally go to Shi Feng. After all, as the Guild Leader, Shi Feng was the face of Zero Wing. It'd be strange if he used an inferior Mount or no Mount at all.

However, it was a different story for the Fine-Gold ranked Shadow Panthers.

"Bros before hoes, Guild Leader!" Blackie hurriedly said.

He wouldn't have cared who the Shadow Panthers went to if they were on the main continent. However, in the Miniature Ancient World, a Fine-Gold Mount was a powerful tool for leveling.

Surprisingly, Firecloud also nodded in agreement with Blackie. He could concede on any other item, but he absolutely would not concede on the cool-looking Shadow Panthers.

Seeing that everyone wanted one of the Shadow Panthers, Shi Feng chuckled and said, "Since everyone wants them, we'll have the top ten contributors this time roll the dice. That'd be fair for everyone."

Everyone readily accepted Shi Feng's suggestion, and the top ten contributors after Shi Feng promptly rolled the dice.

After several elimination rounds, the winners of the two Shadow Panthers were Blackie and Su Qianliu. However, Su Qianliu had given her Shadow Panther to Happy Snow, causing the young girl to grow ecstatic.

"Alright, now that we've gotten everything we came here for, it's time you follow us back to Hundred Flow City," Shi Feng said as he looked at Su Qianliu. "We'll leave Rock Devil City alone for now and come back to develop there in the future."

Su Qianliu and her companions did not have any objections toward Shi Feng's arrangement. They had yet to settle down in Rock Devil City, so it didn't matter even if they changed bases of operation.

Afterward, Shi Feng led everyone through the portal that had appeared after the Boss's death and teleported out of the Primordial Demon Court.

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