Chapter 82 - Astonishing Reward
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When the system notification ended, hundreds of items started raining down from the sky. Every one of these items radiated a dazzling golden glow, some of them even radiating a purplish-golden glow coupled with a frightening amount of Mana.

In a matter of moments, the several hundred items reached the ground and formed a small mountain in front of everyone. Meanwhile, when everyone saw these items, their mouths watered, and their eyes turned red.

"So, this is the loot of a Hell Mode Primordial Demon Court?"

When Blackie saw the many Epic items and several unidentifiable items among the mountain of loot, his eyes widened in shock.

"I doubt even a Superior Mythic's loot can match 10% of the loot here," Happy Snow commented, her eyes glowing in excitement as she looked at the loot mountain.

When their adventurer team had been operating in the Black Dragon Empire, the strongest Boss they had fought was a Superior Mythic. However, the quality of the loot that Superior Mythic dropped was nowhere near being a comparison to the Twin-headed Destruction Snake's loot. Even without checking the exact quality of the items dropped, she could already tell just how amazing the dropped items were simply through the intensity of the Mana they radiated.

The Mana the several unidentifiable items radiated was especially frightening. There was no way these items could be mere Epic items. This left them with only one possibility…

Fragmented Legendary items!

Even after their adventurer team had fought hard in the Black Dragon Empire for many years, they had not obtained even one Fragmented Legendary item before. Yet, now, as many as four Fragmented Legendary items have dropped!

We really hit the jackpot this time.

Shi Feng also couldn't help but grow excited when he scanned the items on the ground. This was because he had noticed two familiar items among the pile of loot. One was the key to the Primordial Demon Court's outer gate, and the other was the teleportation stone for the inner zone. Both these items were crucial in taking control

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