Chapter 81 - Hell Mode's Evaluation
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 81 - Hell Mode's Evaluation

Everyone gaped in shock at the damage Shi Feng dealt.

"Big Sis Qianliu, didn't you say that the Guild Leader was only a Tier 3 Half-step Refinement Realm expert before? Are you sure he's not a Half-step Domain Realm monster instead?" Happy Snow asked as she looked toward Su Qianliu dubiously.

She could more or less accept that Shi Feng possessed a Mana Domain. After all, a Mana Domain was the product of having superb control over Mana.

However, the Eight Extreme Slashes technique was an advanced combat technique that even sword-wielding Tier 5 experts had difficulty executing. Any expert capable of executing this technique below Tier 6 was more than qualified to compete for a spot among the Eight Sword Meisters.


Su Qianliu was momentarily rendered speechless. She didn't know whether to laugh or cry in this situation.

The little girl beside her had never doubted her words before today. Yet, this was already the second time she had questioned her today.

However, rather than getting angry, Su Qianliu was ecstatic at being questioned.

If she were to point out what was most important in God's Domain, she would have only one answer—experts!

It was especially true for monster-caliber experts capable of fighting thousands by themselves!

Why could Shadow never become a first-rate Guild after developing in God's Domain for a decade?

Why could Su Qianliu's adventurer team never enter the ranks of well-known adventurer teams in the Black Dragon Empire?

The answer was simple. It was because they lacked a truly powerful expert to protect the Guild's interests.

Take Tier 6 God-ranked experts, for example. Even if a Guild had only one Tier 6 God-ranked expert and zero Refinement Realm experts, it would be publicly recognized as a top-tier first-rate Guild, and even the various superpowers wouldn't dare to mess around with it for no good reason.

Zero Wing might be a new guild right now, but so long as it had a Half-step Domain Realm expert like Shi Feng leading it, it'd have no trouble rising through the ranks of God's Domain at all.

At this time, apart from Su Qianliu, the other members of Su Qianliu's adventurer team also grew excited, their confidence in Zero Wing's future skyrocketing.

Meanwhile, when Shi Feng saw that everyone was still staring at him idly, he couldn't help but shake his head and smile helplessly. Then, he asked, "How long are you guys going to continue watching? Can you start fighting the Boss now?"

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