Chapter 80 - Ten Million With One Sword
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 80 - Ten Million With One Sword

"Should we retreat now, Guild Leader?" Blackie asked as he looked toward Shi Feng.

Without a Tier 4 team, there was no way they could take down the Twin-headed Destruction Snake. It didn't matter even if they had a Mana Domain on their side. This was because top-tier Primordial Demonic Beasts were born with Mana Domains. Thus, unless they had a Master Magic Barrier, they would have no choice but to fight the Twin-headed Destruction Snake at its peak.

"Retreat?" Shi Feng rolled his eyes at Blackie. "We went through a lot of trouble to get here. How can we just retreat?"

"But we'll suffer a huge loss if we fail to kill the Boss and die," Blackie said reluctantly as he looked at his own level. "We'll only lose 20% EXP if we get killed by mobs inside the Primordial Demon Court. But if we get killed by the Final Boss, we'll lose an entire level…"

Had they challenged the Twin-headed Destruction Snake before they increased their levels, they could've just challenged it without any worries. However, everyone on the team had already reached Level 104 or Level 105. They had already surpassed most players in the outside world in terms of level. Most importantly, Level 105 was a small milestone that allowed players to equip Level 105 weapons and equipment.

So long as everyone on the team equipped themselves with Level 105 Fine-Gold Equipment, they could head to a Level 110 map to train and widen the gap between them and other players. After all, due to the significant level suppression in the Miniature Ancient World, even Refinement Realm experts wouldn't dare to grind in Level 110 maps before reaching Level 105.

However, if they got teamwiped by the Final Boss now, they would lose a significant portion of the advantages they had accumulated in the Primordial Demon Court.

Shi Feng naturally understood what was going through Blackie's mind. Smiling, he said, "Although this Twin-headed Destruction Snake is powerful, we aren't without a chance."

"We still have a chance?"

Blackie was stunned. Then, he subconsciously turned to the Twin-headed Destruction Snake in the distance. He had a feeling that their entire team combined wouldn't even be enough to fill one of the twin-headed snake's mouths.

Su Qianliu and the others also felt that Shi Feng was joking with them when they heard his words. After all, nobody on their team could last more than a few minutes against the Twin-headed Destruction Snake's Eyes of Destruction.

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